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Our clients choose EXPARTUS because we advise you on how to successfully apply to business school. We’re able to help you get admitted to your dream b-schools for several reasons including:

Boutique, Personalized Approach: As a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm, we take on a limited number of clients each year to ensure that our clients submit the best business school applications possible. This enables us to provide a significant amount of guidance and insight into each client’s application.

Significant Expertise: As former MBA admissions officers and alumni of top MBA programs, we have the expertise to advise you on how to get accepted to top MBA programs.

Combined 50 Years of Admissions Experience: Our expert team of admissions consultants have experience helping applicants to package themselves and secure admission to very competitive schools in the US Europe, and Asia.

Former HBS Admissions Officers: Our MBA admissions consulting team includes two former admissions officers Harvard Business School, one of the world’s top programs. Our insider perspective can help you get into this and other prestigious institutions.

Top MBA Alumni: Our consultants have been in your shoes. We were accepted to some of the world’s best MBA programs, including Harvard and Columbia, and we understand what it takes to gain admission to elite institutions and how to use the experience to transform your life.

What really makes us different and unique?

EXPARTUS is the first MBA admissions consulting firm to use a personal branding system throughout the MBA admissions consulting process.

Our CEO, Chioma Isiadinso, developed this personal branding system as a result of her experience as an admissions officer at Harvard Business School and Carnegie Mellon University.

She later included it in her best-selling MBA admissions book, Best Business Schools’ Admissions Secrets.

What is Personal Branding? Build Your Brand With Us Be Memorable. Get Admiited

What Is Personal Branding?

So what exactly does personal branding have to do with the MBA admissions process?


Applicants with strong and compelling brands distinguish themselves from the pack and capture the attention of admission boards.

But, never lose sight of the fact that MBA programs are brands also, and the MBA admissions boards are charged with identifying the best candidates who are a fit with the brand of their programs.

There is a special chemistry that admitted business school candidates bring to the table: a strong and clear sense of who they are, what matters most to them and where they are headed in the future.

For you to be a successful candidate, you must highlight your unique characteristics that set you apart from others within a similar category, such as someone with a consulting background who want to transition to investment banking.

“Today’s applicant pool is so strong- most applicants have good work experience, grades and test scores. The majority of applicants have taken ordinary circumstances and done something interesting with them.

Among this group, the applicants that stand out are the most self-aware. They use their application to articulate a clear personal brand showing where they have been, what drives them, and why their goals matter. Their applications tell a compelling story, and admissions officials usually sit up and pay attention.”

Chioma Isiadinso, EXPARTUS Co-Founder and former HBS Admissions Officer

How We Help You Develop Your Personal Brand

It is your salient attributes and unique perspective and experience that set you apart in the competitive applicant pool.

Make no mistake about it – business school applications are an exercise in marketing; it requires you to be able to sell the value you will offer an MBA program.

At EXPARTUS, we work with you to ensure that your unique personal brand stands out to achieve admissions success.

For example, we help you build your brand by:

  • Identifying your passions
  • Pinpointing your key brand themes and the best examples that illustrate them.
  • Weaving your personal brand themes throughout your application process
  • Developing a clear Personal Brand Statement

“One of the biggest mistakes that business school applicants make is they don’t give enough thought to their overall brand and how they present themselves. They have no consistency throughout the application.

If applicants don’t have a consistent, well-articulated message, the application can be disjointed and hard for the admissions committee to follow. These committees are looking for unique individuals who have different opinions, leadership styles and backgrounds.”

Rob, EXPARTUS MBA admissions consultant for the past 7 years and a graduate of Harvard Business School

Meet more of the EXPARTUS Team

Be Memorable: Get Admitted

Successful MBA applicants have well defined plans and this helps them stand apart from their competitors who have vague and unclear aspirations. Through our personal branding process we help you to dig deeply to define and confirm your true career aspirations and life goals. We help you clarify your goals.

The outcome of this is that you are able to better articulate your career objectives in a believable and compelling way in your application, convincing the adcom that you are ready for business school.

But even beyond the immediate benefit of having clearly defined career plans, our personal branding process helps you during your time in business school to pursue the right opportunities and stay focused throughout your career development.

Once we’ve helped you identify and refine your personal brand, we’ll then work with you on every aspect of your b-school applications including:

  • School Selection Advice
  • MBA Application Strategy Development
  • Resume Review
  • Essay Editing
  • Recommendation Strategy
  • Interview Preparation
  • Scholarship Applications

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