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Creating the Bulletproof MBA Application That Gets YOU Admitted to B-School

Posted by Chioma Isiadinso

Are you thinking about applying to business school – and wondering about how your application will stack up against so many other candidates applying to top-tier MBA programs?” 

Indeed, Cornelli’s background is nothing if not global.

So much of the language I hear from prospective applicants revolves around worries that are out of their control: What are other applicants focusing on in their essays? Will the admissions committee think my background is too generic? Will I be able to stand out?

Spending all your time worrying about other applicants will make you crazy, and take up valuable time you could be using to perfect your own application. When you spend your time comparing yourself to “what ifs?” about your competition, you miss the opportunity to present your true strengths in their best light.

You can’t predict the future. What you can (and should) do is focus on the incredibly rich arsenal that is your personal brand – YOUR story.

On February 28, at noon EST, my Bulletproof MBA Application Webinar will help you do exactly that. You’ll learn the strategies you need to cut through the noise, differentiate yourself, and make your application a slam dunk for b-school admission.

If you want a bulletproof, no BS look at what really gets applicants into MBA programs (presented by a former Harvard adcom member), you won’t find a better way to spend an hour. Reserve your spot now at

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