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We know that hiring an MBA admissions consulting firm to help you get admitted to your dream b-schools is no easy task. You might have questions about our process, a specific service, payment terms or something else.

To make the process easier for you, we've organized some of the most frequent questions we're frequently asked by clients just like you. Just click on the service you're interested in, and you'll find a list of questions and answers that might help you.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for your services?

We have found that the types of clients who enjoy working with us are highly motivated applicants who aspire for top schools and are willing to work hard and do the necessary self-reflection that our process requires.

What is your success track record?

While we can never guarantee admission we have been fortunate to maintain very high success rates with our clients using our comprehensive services.

What is the availability of my consultant?

EXPARTUS MBA admissions consultants are committed to the success of each of their client.

You can expect that your consultant will respond to your emails within a day of your email and that the feedback on your essays/application documents will be turned around within two days.

What if I want an advisor that I can meet with face to face?

We try our best to match you with an advisor in the same city if that is very important to you but we cannot guarantee this since our clients are from all over the world.

Who will be my MBA consultant and how will we get matched?

We have a small team of carefully selected admissions advisors who are well-versed on our unique and results-driven approach of personal branding.

Our head of admissions consultant matches you with your MBA consultant.

If you are not happy with the advisor you were matched with we let us know immediately so we can switch you to a different advisor.

How are sessions conducted?

Sessions are designed to fit your schedule and are conducted at our office, via phone, Skype as well as through extensive email correspondence.

Where possible we also try to facilitate face to face kick off meetings when distance permits.

What payment methods are available and can I split my payment into two?

Payments can be made via credit cards as well as PayPal. Please see our SERVICES pages for more payment details.

Can I speak with a former EXPARTUS client before making my decision?

Yes, we can introduce you to speak with a former client.

What is the process to become an EXPARTUS client?

We encourage you to review our detailed services information to select the services that is best suited for you. You can then sign up directly for the services you want here. If you have additional questions and need to speak with an EXPARTUS admissions consultant contact us at

When should I sign up for EXPARTUS services?

We take on only a limited number of clients each admissions cycle, and clients are accepted on a first come basis, so you should reserve your spot as soon as possible to ensure that we’re able to work with you.

Do you work with clients from countries outside the US?

We work with clients across the globe and at the last count our clients have come from over 50 countries.

Here are some of the countries where our clients have come from: Germany, India, UK, France, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Brazil, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Costa Rico, Ecuador, Peru, etc.

We conduct the services through Skype video calls and phone/email so there are no geographic limitations.

How do I know which of your services is ideal for me?

Visit our Services and Other Services pages to learn more about each of the services that we offer.

We break our services into three main groups:

Clear Choice (for those who are applying and want our comprehensive branding help to become the clear choice candidate),

Go Getter (for those who are highly motivated and want to get an initial read on their brand way before they apply to B-School) and

Comeback Kid (which is for someone who has been rejected and wants to get a thorough review of what went wrong with the application).

Which MBA programs do you work with the most?

Our clients are primarily targeting most of the top MBA programs. The programs where we have helped clients gain admission to the most include but are not limited to: Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton, Columbia, Kellogg, Chicago, London Business School, INSEAD and much more.

Do you work with EMBA or part time MBA clients?

We work with applicants applying to EMBA and part time MBA programs. A few examples of programs where our students have applied to successfully are Stern, Columbia, Kellogg, etc.

FAQ’s about our Clear Choice Service

What if I want to apply for more than one school?

You can use either the Clear Choice Premium (which allows you to apply to two schools) or the Clear Choice Unlimited (which allows you to apply to up to 6 schools).

Can I get one completed application within the allotted time for the Clear Choice Basic?

Yes. Typically, our clients have completed one school within the Clear Choice Basic.

Can I upgrade from the Clear Choice Basic to Premium or Unlimited?

Yes, you can upgrade across the different Clear Choice options. Once you decide to upgrade, simply contact us ( and then pay the difference between the two services.

How long does it take to complete the application?

The pace in which each client works varies. While some applicants can complete one application in a four week period, it could take someone else longer. We have designed our services to allow clients flexibility to accommodate them where they are.

Who is the clear choice service ideal for?

This service is for applicants who want to find out how to use personal branding to distinguish themselves from other candidates without stressing out.

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FAQ’s about our Come Back Kid Service

Can I upgrade to a Clear Choice package after using the Come Back Kid service?

Yes you can.

Once you’ve received feedback on your old application (through the Come Back Kid Service) you can use one of our Clear Choice packages  to develop and refine your personal brand and reapply in a way that allows you to differentiate yourself.

You’ll also be able to have part or all of your Come Back Kid fees deducted from the Clear Choice Service (50% deducted for Clear Choice 1 school package and 100% deducted for two or more schools).

What does the Come Back Kid Service entail?

It includes a thorough review of your old application to identify any mistakes you made previously.

This involves a careful assessment of your essays, transcripts, resume, application, recommendation letters and interview notes (when available).

At the completion of the assessment there is a write up of your profile and observations based on your mistakes or any issues that arose in your application.

This is then followed up with a call to discuss a reapplication strategy for the future.

Who is the Come Back Kid Service ideal for?

This service is for applicants whose initial application to business school was unsuccessful and who intend to reapply to an MBA or EMBA program.

Reapplying to business school can be quite challenging and finding out what went wrong the first time around will help put you in a stronger position for success when you reapply in the future.

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FAQ’s about our Go Getter Service

Can I upgrade to the Clear Choice Service after having used the Go Getter Service?


The Go Getter Service is an early start program (often done a year or more ahead of when you plan to apply) that enables you to take a preliminary view of your overall brand to identify any gaps or weaknesses in your story.

You’re able to then develop a plan on how you can address them before you begin your application.

The Clear Choice Service is a service designed to assist you with the actual application: from developing your branding to helping you edit your essays to preparing for your interviews.

The payment for your Go Getter services is applied to the Clear Choice Service (50% of the Go Getter payment is applied to the one school Clear Choice Service and 100% is applied to 2 or more Clear Choice school packages).

Who is the Go Getter Service ideal for?

This service is ideal for applicants who are committed to giving themselves an advantage; it is for applicants who want a head start in timing their application.

By starting early (a year or more before applying), you’ll be able to identify any potential weaknesses and can proactively address them.

Thus, being a stronger applicant when you eventually apply.

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