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Communicating Your Personal Brand

Once you have dug deep to uncover your true personal brand (link to why expartus), the next vital step is communicating your brand to the admissions committee.

Your personal brand reflects your values, passions, skills, strengths and motivation.

It’s how you do what you do uniquely, remarkably and authentically.

It is how you will stand out and be memorable in the competitive b-school admissions pool.

But, what is the best way to effectively communicate your brand?

It is important that your essays clearly reflect your personal brand. Your resume should give your target schools a flavor for your brand. Your recommenders should reinforce your brand themes, and you should be prepared to paint a vivid picture of your personal brand during interviews.

Learn more about how we can help.

Personal Branding Application Assessment Essay editing Interview Preparation Resume Review Waitlist Assessment

Personal Branding

This service is designed to coach you on becoming the clear choice in the MBA application process by developing a strong personal brand. You will receive two hours with an expert MBA admissions consultant.

The service begins with a 360 review of your personal and professional background to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your personal brand and assess whether your short- and long-term goals are consistent with your branding.

You and your expert MBA admissions consultant will develop and refine your personal brand themes and create a personal brand statement that you can use as the foundation of your MBA essays and MBA applications.

Application Assessment

One of our former MBA admissions officers will assess your MBA application and give you detailed feedback on any MBA admissions mistakes that might reduce your chances of getting accepted. You will receive a comprehensive review of your entire MBA application, including your MBA essays, CV/resume, etc.

You may have worked on your application by yourself and feel quite confident about the way you have positioned yourself in your essays.

We recognize that your MBA application is more than just your b-school admissions essays so we invest time reviewing every aspect of your MBA application to ensure that you haven’t made any mistakes that could hurt your admissions chances.

Essay Editing

Given our extensive MBA admissions experience, we are able to help you eliminate content that does little to endear you to the MBA admissions boards and will help you focus your writing on the salient points that make your admissions essays remarkable and engaging.

While we do not write essay for you, we provide very detailed feedback and edits to help you sell yourself in the best way possible. We never take over our your essay to ensure you maintain the integrity of your voice.

You may already have a good sense of your personal brand and application strategy but you may still need assistance crafting compelling MBA essays that help you stand out in the MBA applicant pool.

Interview Preparation

One of our expert MBA admissions consultants, will provide you with a simulation of your MBA admissions interview which replicates the interview experience and you are then given feedback on your strengths and weaknesses with specific instructions on how to improve your performance ahead of the interview.

You will receive sample interview questions that you can expect during your actual MBA admissions interview to ensure that you are fully prepared for the types of questions you will encounter during your admissions interviews.

We provide you with a thorough MBA admissions interview preparation to help you be fully prepared for your interviews. Your interview preparation will cover the format and process for each school you are scheduled to interview with.

Resume Review

One of our expert MBA admissions consultants will provide you with a thorough review of your resume – along with detailed suggestions on how you can improve the quality of your resume.

We offer a resume review service to help your present your personal brand in the most positive way possible.

Since business schools have moved to fewer essays and less words recently, your MBA resume is becoming more important in the MBA application process.

Waitlist Strategy

Our expert MBA admissions consultants who have worked on the admissions boards at leading business schools have a clear understanding of how the MBA wait list works and all the strategies that applicants can adopt to help them get admitted from the waiting list.

You will receive a detailed review of your MBA application to understand your background, strengths and weaknesses. We will provide you with feedback on our review and our thoughts on why you might have landed on the waitlist. We will then develop a strategy with you designed to assist you in convincing the admissions board to grant you an admission to  your target school.

The MBA waitlist is a really tough place to be for MBA applicants. Athough the majority of applicants on the wait list will not be admitted off of the wait list, there are some applicants who will be able to do so.


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