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Private Equity Associate. Investment Banker. Management Consultant. Entrepreneur.

These words may be at the forefront of your mind as you embark on applying for business school.

But, admissions committees do not admit job titles.

Instead, they admit personal brands – those who do get admitted highlight their personal brands as an Innovator, a Visionary, a Bridge-Builder or Connector.

But how do you define and refine your personal brand?

That’s where we come in.

Successful MBA applicants have well defined plans and this helps them stand apart from their competitors who have vague and unclear aspirations.

Through our personal branding process, we help you to dig deeply to define and confirm your true career aspirations and life goals. We help you clarify your goals.

The outcome of this is that you are able to better articulate your career objectives in a believable and compelling way in your application, convincing the adcom that you are ready for business school.

Stand Out Become Strategic How We Work Personalized Advice

Stand Out

In today’s competitive business school admissions landscape, between 80% and 90% of qualified applicants do not get admitted. Why?

Because their applications do not stand out to admissions officers; these applications end up being rejected because they do not offer a compelling, unique story of the applicants behind the application.
One of the most common mistakes that applicants to business school make is relying too heavily on the quantifiable portions of the application, rather than highlighting what is unique about you and how you will translate what you gain from an MBA to achieve real impact.

Just as a potential employer is interested in assessing if a job applicant will be a good fit for a company’s culture and brand, business schools want to know what you will bring to their program outside of intellectual horsepower in the classroom. How will your unique perspective and experiences – your personal brand – be reflected as an MBA student and an alumnus?

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Become Strategic

“As a former admissions officer at Carnegie Mellon and Harvard Business School, I noticed a definitive trend in the students who were admitted: they were memorable. They were successful at marketing themselves and painting a compelling portrait throughout the application canvas of the three main factors admissions boards are seeking out: academic ability, leadership track record and uniqueness. At Expartus, we help you become more strategic about your MBA application by ensuring that every aspect of your MBA application – your MBA essays, recommendations, resume, interview, and each school’s application – reinforces the message you plan to share about your yourself.”

Chioma Isiadinso, EXPARTUS Co-Founder and former Harvard Business School admissions officer

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How We Work

With a team of admissions consultants – all of whom have successfully navigated the business school application to achieve an MBA – with more than 50 years of combined experience, we help you answer fundamental questions like:

  • Do I have what it takes to get into business school?
  • Why do I want an MBA? It may surprise you that some of the most common reasons, such as financial reward and intellectual development, are not always to best choice to pique the interest of the admissions board.
  • Is this the right time to apply?
  • Which business schools should I apply to?

We also develop a plan for completing your applications that saves you time and keeps you organized during your MBA application process.

We recognize that every aspect of your MBA application is important, and we don’t leave any of those decisions to chance, as we meticulously review and help you present your best application, from your essays, to your recommendations, to your resume to your actual application and finally your interview.

“Working with Expartus is a partnership in every sense of the word. As a pragmatic individual, I felt like working alone was not allowing me to get to the root of the personality I wanted to showcase to the admissions board. Working with EXPARTUS allowed me to develop my true personal brand. These are very competitive programs, and sometimes people are not aware of how serious other applicants take it. The process is like a marathon, but having someone who is your running mate pushes you to reach your highest level.”

International student admitted to Harvard Business School in 2015

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Personalized Advice

We don’t simply serve as your MBA admissions consultant. We get to know you through this process and help you develop a better insight of yourself and what makes you a unique and compelling MBA applicant.
We do this by providing you with personalized, customized support designed to help you develop the strongest MBA application.

We are fully invested in your success and we commit all the resources at our disposal to help you achieve the success you deserve.

As a result, we have strong relationships with our clients and remain in touch with them years after they have gone to business school.


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