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Come Back Kid

Re-Applicant Review Service.

Are you doubting your ability to get into b-school after already being rejected?

You’re not alone.

9 out of 10 b-school applicants don’t get accepted, the first time around.

But not nearly as many are willing to get back on the horse and try again.

The truth is, while a rejection letter feels like a cannonball shot to your confidence, it normally isn’t just about your stats.

You probably already suspected that—many of our Come Back Kid clients have stats head and shoulders above other applicants who were accepted.

They now realize there’s more to it than that, even though at the time they thought they were a shoe-in.
Now they’re determined not to make the same mistake twice.

Why Clients Choose Us The Come Back Kid Package Includes Is The Service Right For You? Pricing FAQ

Why Clients Choose Us:

You won’t succeed simply by doing what you did last time, but trying to do it better.

You need a different strategy, and in out experience that means finding someone who can…

    • Deep dive into what makes you a uniquely compelling human being beyond your stats
    • Connect the dots of your past achievements and shared values with your chosen b-school
    • Strengthen the story of how you’ve grown while handling life’s challenges
    • Paint a compelling picture of who you really are in your essays and interviews

These are the things b-school application boards are really looking for.
Not just great stats, but great people.
And that’s what we specialize in.
Helping to expose, polish, and present your own “personal brand” in a way that application boards simply can’t ignore.

  • We’ve studied enormous numbers of rejected and accepted MBA applications from elite b-schools—and know what separates them, what works, and what doesn’t.
  • We help you to explore, examine and express parts of your life you haven’t considered.
  • We help you lovingly create a memorable personal brand based on authenticity.

The Come Back Kid Package Includes

    • 2 hours of private consulting with one of our expert application consultants, who will advise you on personal branding strategies
    • A comprehensive review of your MBA application by an expert admissions adviser
    • Detailed feedback on past mistakes, with steps on how to fix them
    • Reapplication timing strategy, with accountability support to make it happen

You’ll Also Finally Understand

  • The myth of the “perfect” candidate and why it’s been keeping you stuck
  • The powerful link between your personal brand and being seen as a clear choice candidate
  • The secret that inspires MBA Admission boards to join your vision
  • The 5 elements of leadership you must demonstrate on your application, essays and interviews

Is the Reapplication Service Right For You?

It isn’t right for everyone.

You have to have a real determination and drive to get into that top b-school if you’re going to put yourself out there again.

We’re not going to tell you what you want to hear—we’ll only tell you what you need to hear to succeed.
So you have to be willing to hear it, and act on it.

In fact, we’re going to challenge you to examine some hard facts about yourself.

Facts that your previous application, essays and interviews failed to demonstrate in a meaningfully consistent way. For example:


Top candidates live and breathe what they’re trying to accomplish in the world.
The admissions committee actively seeks individuals who are purpose-driven, committed, and bring an energy to every environment they are a part of.


Success without challenges is boring.

Admissions boards aren’t interested in candidates who always played it safe or coasted on someone else’s coat-tails.

Exceptional candidates demonstrate how they consistently put themselves in positions to go well beyond their comfort zone.


Remarkable candidates demonstrate evidence of making a difference in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

It can be with a person, in a community, team or project—but impact is what allows you to showcase how you lead and inspire others to achieve their best.


Self-awareness is the trademark of every successful application, essay and interview.

Being able to authentically convey your motivations, values, and why you have made the life choices you have are critical.

If you cannot do this clearly and convincingly, admissions boards simply aren’t interested.

Do you think you can face these challenges?

Then don’t let your fear of rejection ruin your b-school dreams.


The Come Back Kid Service costs $499. This includes a detailed review of your application, and strategy development for your reapplication.

This service isn’t for applicants who want to make minimal improvements, or aren’t sure they want to reapply.

It’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over the years to come—but you have to be committed to seeing it through.

Come Back Kid



1 school

  • School Selection
  • Personal Brand Development
  • MBA Application Strategy Development
  • Resume Review
  • Assessment of previous application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade to a Clear Choice package after using the Come Back Kid service?

Yes you can.

Once you’ve received feedback on your old application (through the Come Back Kid Service) you can use one of our Clear Choice packages to develop and refine your personal brand and reapply in a way that allows you to differentiate yourself.

You’ll also be able to have part or all of your Come Back Kid fees deducted from the Clear Choice Service (50% deducted for Clear Choice 1 school package and 100% deducted for two or more schools).

What does the Come Back Kid Service entail?

It includes a thorough review of your old application to identify any mistakes you made previously.

This involves a careful assessment of your essays, transcripts, resume, application, recommendation letters and interview notes (when available).

At the completion of the assessment there is a write up of your profile and observations based on your mistakes or any issues that arose in your application.

This is then followed up with a call to discuss a reapplication strategy for the future.

Who is the Come Back Kid Service ideal for?

This service is for applicants whose initial application to business school was unsuccessful and who intend to reapply to an MBA or EMBA program.

Reapplying to business school can be quite challenging and finding out what went wrong the first time around will help put you in a stronger position for success when you reapply in the future.