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Are you getting ready for your MBA admissions interviews? You’re probably going over every aspect of your B-school application with a fine tooth comb.

Click here for the first 25 key MBA interview questions that you should be prepared to answer.

But do you have any questions ready for the MBA admissions officer?

As in any conversation, you should have a number of questions prepared for your interviewer.

Their answers can help you assess what it would really be like to be a student in the program, and if it is truly the best…

Looking for practice MBA interview questions to guide your MBA admission interviews prep? Look no further. Listed below are the first 25 key MBA interview questions that you should be prepared to answer.

Click here for 10 more ways to prepare for your upcoming MBA interview.

25 Practice MBA Interview Questions

As you prepare for the big day, go through each of these questions and list out concrete examples to help prove your points.

Tell me about yourself.

Introduce your personal brand and highlight the professional and personal themes that you…

mba interviewI recently read an older article from Bloomberg Businessweek that discussed best practices for performing well during your MBA interview and found the following quote to be poignant: “Confidence is key to success. Preparation is key to performance.”

How do you enter into the interview both confident and prepared?  How do you overcome your nerves?

Consider MBA Candidate, Mark.  Mark presented a strong application to the Admissions Committee.

He had remarkable work experience, his essays spoke of international and humanitarian diversity, and his GMAT scores were strong….

MBA interview methodsFor the most part, applications have been submitted and admission committees are working to identify the candidates with whom they would like to conduct an interview.

As a candidate, it is important to understand that there are two different types of MBA interview methods (application focused and application blind interviews) and to know how each works.

Harvard offers a good example of the first type of interview, an “application drill down.”

Here, you must know your application inside and out, because you will be expected to…

mba interviewEvery applicant would love to know the exact questions that will be asked during their business school interview, right?
You certainly can anticipate a lot of them—most are similar to many application essay topics you filled out all fall. Why MBA?, Why X school?

Examples of leadership, How were you innovative?, How did you handle a difficult colleague/situation?. However, some questions are very candidate-specific.

I know from my time at HBS, I tried to ask questions that related to interviewee. It makes for a more interesting interview…

Expartus Will Skype be the new MBA interview standard?A few months ago I came across an interesting statement by the director of admissions at HBS, Dee Leopold, “Round 3 interviews will be conducted here on campus, on the West Coast, and via Skype for selected candidates.”

Reading this comment got me thinking about the future of the MBA interview landscape for applicants. Some changes have been occurring regarding interviews.

First schools didn’t interview their entire class. Then many began to (think HBS). Then Schools that had open…

mba interview preparationYesterday, I was consulting with Maria who had applied in round one and received an invitation to interview at one of her dream schools.

I encouraged her to sit down with a colleague or mentor to practice her interview skills.  She asked me, “Is it worth taking the time to prepare for the interview?”

The short answer to her question: YES!  The longer answer is that, while you may well be a good conversationalist, there are five distinct areas that the interviewer will be evaluating during…

interview (1)In the past, getting invited for an interview was not necessary for admission to business school.

Today, however, more and more top business schools make it a point to interview every candidate to whom they expect to extend an acceptance letter.

So if you’ve received an admissions interview invitation, pat yourself on the back.  You’ve reached a milestone.

That said, blowing the admissions interview can negatively affect your chances of getting into b-school.

As such, it should be taken just as seriously as every other part of the b-school application and…

Interviews present a great opportunity for applicants to seal the admission deal. As round two admission interview invites have gone out, here are some things that applicants should keep in mind to avoid derailing their candidacy.

Schools differ when it comes to the MBA admission interview. Some schools interview a large portion of the applicant pool but admit a small percentage (Wharton, as an example); others interview a smaller portion of the application pool but admit a larger size (Harvard…

InterviewOk, so you have worked so hard to put in the application and you were so relieved to hit submit in time for the round one deadline at such schools like Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard.

What do you do now? The toughest part of the application process for many applicants is the waiting process.

The good news is that schools are becoming more proactive in getting their interview decisions out earlier, so hopefully the wait won’t be as long and torturous for applicants.

Stanford has already started extending…

CAMPUS VISITThere are just a few weeks remaining before classes end and MBA programs wrap up their class visit programs at most business schools.

Since the class visit programs are not usually available before the first deadlines, applicants who can fit them in now should try to do so in the next few weeks.

Some of you may be questioning whether campus visits are worth it. I know, cost is a major factor, especially for those of you who live abroad or in different states.

And one…