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Three Mistakes that Can Derail Your MBA Application

Mistake Three: Under-Valuing Your Recommendation Letter

The entire MBA application process was designed so that admissions boards can come to know the candidates who are
applying, so that they can understand what drives the candidate and what the candidate values.

For many, this is a straight-forward enough concept when it comes to writing about oneself in essays or submitting resume-type information.

Yet I often see clients struggle with this idea when it comes to requesting and obtaining quality recommendations.

Too often, I observe candidates who look upon the recommendation letter as simply a double-check that what they…

Three Mistakes that Can Derail Your MBA Application

Mistake One: Too Little Preparatory Research

Between the excitement of confronting a new challenge and the crazy schedule of trying to balance work, activities and the application process, I’ve seen more than one MBA candidate jump too quickly into their application writing only to flounder later when they realized that their target school isn’t a good fit for their background and expertise or that they are unprepared to tackle the essays and interviews successfully.

Not doing enough research at the onset will backfire on you, causing you to undo and rework, and…