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Are you getting ready for your MBA admissions interviews? You’re probably going over every aspect of your B-school application with a fine tooth comb.

Click here for the first 25 key MBA interview questions that you should be prepared to answer.

But do you have any questions ready for the MBA admissions officer?

As in any conversation, you should have a number of questions prepared for your interviewer.

Their answers can help you assess what it would really be like to be a student in the program, and if it is truly the best…

Looking for practice MBA interview questions to guide your MBA admission interviews prep? Look no further. Listed below are the first 25 key MBA interview questions that you should be prepared to answer.

Click here for 10 more ways to prepare for your upcoming MBA interview.

25 Practice MBA Interview Questions

As you prepare for the big day, go through each of these questions and list out concrete examples to help prove your points.

Tell me about yourself.

Introduce your personal brand and highlight the professional and personal themes that you…

mba interviewI recently read an older article from Bloomberg Businessweek that discussed best practices for performing well during your MBA interview and found the following quote to be poignant: “Confidence is key to success. Preparation is key to performance.”

How do you enter into the interview both confident and prepared?  How do you overcome your nerves?

Consider MBA Candidate, Mark.  Mark presented a strong application to the Admissions Committee.

He had remarkable work experience, his essays spoke of international and humanitarian diversity, and his GMAT scores were strong….