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There are many things you can do with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod: listen to music, call your mother, check your email, tweet, play games, read books, and, thanks to a newly released app, study for the GMAT.

No longer does your studying have to be confined to a book or a desktop computer.

Launched May 25th, the official GMAT iPhone, iPad, and iPod app allows users to study, practice, and prepare for the test with more mobility than ever.

Here, we highlight some of the apps most helpful features.

GMAT to-go

The GMAT app allows you to maximize your free time and to…

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is undergoing its biggest overhaul in years and applicants need to consider the implications that the change will have on their preparation.

Slated to launch June 2012, the GMAT will remove the second essay and a new section titled “Integrated Reasoning” will be added.

This section will require test takers to analyze and draw conclusions based on data presented in the form of charts, spreadsheets and graphs.

The idea is to assess the analytical skills of test takers to provide insight into the problem solving and critical reasoning skills that business schools value.

To learn more about…

With more business schools accepting the GRE, should applicants jump on this bandwagon and register for the GRE instead of the GMAT?

No. I continue to recommend taking the GMAT over the GRE, especially if you are from the more traditional backgrounds, such as private equity, banking, or consulting.

My first reason for taking this stand is that there is a lack of comparable data over long periods about the correlation between the GRE and performance in business school.

The second is that I am not convinced that when it comes to the admissions evaluation that the GRE is viewed with the…

Today, top business programs are seeing the highest GMAT scores ever.

Because of this, competition is greater for today’s applicants and applicants must make the GMAT a priority if they intend to give themselves a real shot at admission to a selective business school.

Assess Your Preparation Needs

As a first step you should determine your base score by taking a practice exam on MBA.com.

If you score 700 or above, you may find that personal study is enough to prepare you for the exam.

For those who are struggling to meet this threshold, a formal GMAT class or personal…

Can having too much fun in college kill your admissions hopes? The answer is not a simple yes or no.

It depends on exactly how much “fun” you had and how much of an impact it had on your grades. Here’s the way the grades will be viewed by the admissions board:

1. Scenario One: You have a 3.5 but your grades dropped one semester (not a deal breaker especially if you have solid GMAT, above 720, and strong essays, work experience and overall application.

2. Scenario Two: Too many tequila nights for four years resulted in a below 3.0 gpa.

My experience…