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Since it was first developed in the 1950s by an association of business schools, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) has undergone a number of changes.

Some of these changes have been designed to increase the test’s validity and usefulness for the business schools that rely on it; others have been designed to keep the test attractive to students and competitive with the GRE.

The test’s most recent changes, unveiled in July 2017, fall into the latter category. The “Select Section Order” update allows test-takers to do exactly that. When they begin the test, they will be able to…

If you’re an Executive MBA candidate, chances are you’re someone with an active professional life and a busy schedule. Understandably, you might not be thrilled at the prospect of preparing for a comprehensive standardized test like the GMAT. 

That’s why GMAC, the creator of the GMAT, launched a cousin test tailored for EMBA applicants in 2016.

Silvia Maccallister-Castillo, assistant dean of the EMBA program at Yale School of Management, summarizes the dilemma EMBA programs were facing as follows: there might be “phenomenal candidates who saw the GMAT as too high a barrier,” yet schools also had to…

There are a lot of ways you can rank MBA programs. Rankings like the ones from Financial Times and U.S. News use complex methodologies that combine factors ranging from alum earnings to admissions selectivity.

A simpler way of analyzing programs is just to look at which schools boast the highest average GMAT scores. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that top business schools tend to have impressive average GMATs. But what are the exact numbers in terms of how schools line up by GMAT score?

According to data from U.S. News, the top ten MBA programs with…

Starting in July, GMAT takers will be able to choose one of three section orders before starting the test. The ability to select section order comes as part of a couple changes GMAC is introducing to make the test taking process more streamlined and flexible. 

Immediately before beginning the test, GMAT takers will be able to choose either the traditional section ordering or one of two alternate test orderings GMAT is introducing. Altogether, the three possible section orderings are: 


– Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal

-Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical…

Have you decided to take the GRE in order to get into business school?

For a long time, the GMAT was the preferred test for b-school admissions. But in recent years, the GRE has been gaining popularity among MBA admissions committees, and in some cases is even the preferred test.

Whether you plan to take the GRE in order to keep your options open or just because you feel it’s the better test for you, creating an effective GRE study plan is vital to your MBA application preparation. But how do you know when you’re done studying?

If you’re an international student thinking about applying for business school, you may already know that you will need to submit an English proficiency test score for most schools.

There are three tests that are commonly accepted by the world’s top business schools: the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and the Pearson Test of English (PTE).

Everything MBA Applicants Need to Know About the IELTS

We discussed the TOEFL last week and…

Are you considering taking the GRE for business school admissions?

For years, the GMAT was considered the gold standard when it came to b-school admissions tests. But over the last several years, students and admissions committees alike have been turning their attention to the GRE.

While the GRE is not necessarily easier than the GMAT, the test’s format and structure may be a better fit for some students than for others. We devoted a previous article to understanding the basics of the GRE.

6 Tips For Creating a GRE Study Plan For B-School

Are you studying to take the GMAT?

Most students understand the importance of the verbal and quant sections, as well as the composite score. But the Analytical Writing Assessment, along with the more recently added Integrated Reasoning section, can be more of a mystery.

How important are the AWA and IR scores? How much time should you spend studying for them? Do admissions committees consider them at all?

How Important Are GMAT AWA and IR Sections?

Read on to find out the answers to your questions.

Understanding The GMAT AWA Section

The Analytical Writing Assessment consists…

Are you studying for the GMAT in order to get into business school?

Many students find timing to be one of the most challenging aspects of preparing for the GMAT. Particularly if you have been out of school for a while, it can be hard to get used to answering difficult questions efficiently and accurately.

As with any other aspect of test-taking, practice makes perfect. This article will give you five ways to solve your GMAT timing challenges.

GMAT Timing Problems

Understanding GMAT Timing

In order to manage your time well on the GMAT,…

Are you thinking about taking the GMAT?

GMAT scores are valid for five years. So if you’re currently in your final year of college and considering going to business school eventually, it’s a good idea to take the GMAT now.

Much of the material will be fresh in your mind, and you should have already developed good studying and test-taking habits.

However, if you are considering going to business school but have been out of college for a while, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to take the GMAT. It does mean you should give yourself as much time as possible to…

Are you looking to get admitted to a top b-school?

Standardized test scores are an important part of your application package, no matter which schools you decide to apply to.

If you’ve already taken the GMAT and aren’t happy with your score, there is probably one question in your mind:

Should I retake the GMAT?

What Is A Good GMAT Score?

Before you can decide whether to re-take the GMAT, it’s important to figure out what kind of score you should be aiming for.

Should you retake GMAT?

The higher your GMAT score is, the better, of…

Last week, we had the first part of an interview with Zack Goldman and Doron Aaronsohn of Ofek GMAT. Between them, they have decades of experience helping students prepare for graduate school admissions tests.

This week, we’re continuing the interview with questions about GMAT timing, test anxiety, and the differences between the GRE and the GMAT. 

When is the best time to take the GMAT? 

GMAT Expert

Zack: The best time to take the GMAT is during or shortly after your last year of undergrad. Your schedule is more open, you’re likely not…

Are you looking for some expert advice about studying for the GMAT?

This week, we’ve got an interview with Zack Goldman and Doron Aaronsohn, the team behind Ofek GMAT. Together, they have nearly thirty years of experience helping students to do their best on the GMAT and get into business school.

What was your own study path like when it came to taking the GMAT?

GMAT Expert

Zack: I have been teaching GMAT prep since 1994, first working with another test prep company and eventually on my own.  For myself, I had an…

Are you thinking about taking the GMAT in order to get into business school?

It’s a good idea to learn more about the test before you jump in to studying. This article will give you a quick overview of the GMAT verbal section.

The GMAT verbal section consists of 41 questions in three category types: reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. Students are allowed 75 minutes to complete the verbal section.

Fast Facts About the GMAT Verbal Section

Because the GMAT is a computer adaptive test,…

GMATAre you looking at deadlines for the business schools where you want to apply?

And realizing that you need to start studying for the GMAT – soon?

No matter how much time you have, we have a GMAT study plan to help you use your time effectively.

Take a look at our sample plans below, and modify them as needed to suit your time frame and learning preferences.

How to Create a GMAT Study Schedule

How to Create a Three Month GMAT Study Plan


You’ve given yourself a good amount of…

GMAT TipsAre you an international student who is thinking about taking the GMAT to get into a top business school?

The GMAT itself is a long (three and a half hours) standardized test that is used exclusively by business schools to help determine which students are most likely to do well in a graduate school environment.

While all students have questions about how to score well on the GMAT, the tips below are aimed specifically at international students.

GMAT Tips for International

Don’t be afraid to test more than…

GMATAre you getting ready to start studying for the GMAT?

Understanding the basics of the test, both in terms of how it is set up and what is testing for, will help you to study effectively and get the best GMAT score possible.

Because the GMAT is used exclusively for business school admissions, it has been carefully designed to test for the skills and qualities that top-tier business schools are looking for in their students.

What Kinds of Questions Are on the GMAT?

These abilities and characteristics include parsing information…

GMATAre you planning to take the GMAT to get into business school? These days, many schools are looking for a well-rounded candidate. One who is able to score well on both the verbal and the quantitative sections of the test.

There are many tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to improve your GMAT score.

Improve My GMAT Verbal Score

If you need to improve your GMAT verbal score, this article will offer insights and strategies to help you get the best…

GMATAre you thinking about the best way to prepare for the GMAT? Choosing whether to take a GMAT prep course is a weighty issue. Getting into a top MBA program can mean a much higher trajectory for your post-graduation career, and correspondingly higher salaries.

However, GMAT prep courses can also be very expensive, particularly if you are not certain whether you will benefit from one.

Should I Take A GMAT Prep Course?

This article will take a look at the pros and cons…

GMATAre you hoping to get into a top-ranked business school? You have probably heard a lot about the importance of the GMAT.

If you’ve been out of school for a while, or have a lot of anxiety when it comes to taking tests, you may be concerned about whether you have to take the GMAT to get into a good business school.

Do I Have to Take The GMAT to Get Into a Top Business School?

The truth is that for the most part, top-ranked business schools still…

How Can I ImproveHave you taken a GMAT or practice GMAT exam in order to get into business school? For some students, taking the GMAT is no sweat, and they end up with a score of 700 or above right out of the gate. But this is very, very rare.

Most students who want to get into an MBA program will spend a lot of time studying and wondering, “How can I improve my GMAT score?”

How can I improve my GMAT score?

The first step for any student…

GMATAre you planning to take – or to retake – the GMAT?

Keeping informed of changes in the test’s format, policy, and structure will help you choose the right GMAT study plan for your goals, and help you get the best GMAT score possible.

On June 24, 2015, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) announced a couple of important GMAT changes.

GMAT Changes

No More Cancelled GMAT Scores

The first change announced is one that students and test-takers have been requesting for years:

Cancelled scores will no longer be shown to…

GMAT or GREAre you trying to get into a top business school?
When you are trying to get in to a competitive business school, it’s important to do everything you can to make your application stronger. Getting an excellent score on your admissions test is one key part of that puzzle.

In the past, the GMAT was the only test option for students looking to get into business school.

GMAT or the GRE?

However, over the last several years more and more top colleges are accepting GRE scores

GMAT ScoreAre you thinking of taking the GMAT?
If you’re planning to go to business school, you know that getting a good GMAT score is an important part of getting in to the schools you want.

But what you may not know is what exactly qualifies as a good GMAT score.

This article will help you better understand what the GMAT is, how it is scored, and what a good score is.

Good GMAT Score

What The GMAT Test Measures


Are You ReadyHave you been wondering how to tell when you’re ready to take the GMAT?
Preparing for the GMAT is a significant undertaking.
After all, getting a good score on the test can mean the difference between going to your dream school and going to your safety school.

The Graduate Management Admission Council, the group that administers the GMAT, recommends spending at least seven weeks studying for the test, and many students will spend even more time preparing.


In our last article,…

if not now, whenAre you wondering when is the best time to take the GMAT? You probably already know that the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) will be an important part of the MBA admissions process.

But what you might still be wondering about is when you should take the GMAT.

Unlike many standardized tests for college and graduate school admission, the GMAT is available to students all year long.


This gives test-takers much more flexibility in scheduling their test, but it can also feel overwhelming to try to…