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HBS Releases Profile for Class of 2023

Harvard Business School’s newest MBA class stands out in many ways, but the most obvious might be just how big the class is. 

As a newly released profile of HBS’s Class of 2023 reveals, no less than 1,010 students will be joining the cohort. 

That number is in line with the school’s previously announced plan to enroll about 1,000 students in its Class of 2023 and Class of 2024, up from the usual 930 or so.

The school’s Class of 2023 is drawn from 9,773 applicants, as well as some additional students who were accepted last year but took up HBS’s offer to defer due to the pandemic.

Like any other HBS class, this year’s is academically distinguished, with an average GMAT of 730 and an average undergraduate GPA of 3.69.

It brings together people from diverse backgrounds, including 37 percent international students and 52 percent US minorities.

Unlike some other top B-schools, though, HBS will have to wait at least another year to achieve a class with gender parity – 46 percent of this year’s cohort are women. 

Before starting their MBA studies, HBS’s Class of 2023 averaged 5 years of work experience. Most commonly, that experience was in consulting (17 percent), venture capital and private equity (15 percent), financial services (12 percent), or tech (11 percent).

HBS’s latest MBA cohort pursued a variety of majors during their undergraduate studies, including engineering (27 percent), business (21 percent), economics (20 percent), math or physical sciences (15 percent), social sciences (13 percent), and arts or humanities (4 percent).

Releasing its class profile, HBS emphasized that “a truly diverse student body – in background, nationality, interests, and ambitions – is the foundation of the HBS experience.”

After all, as the school points out, its case method of learning relies on having a “group of people trying to solve a problem” where “each person’s perspective provides a different angle on the problem.”

As an applicant to top B-schools like HBS, then, it’s essential to communicate the unique perspective you will bring to the campus community, whatever that perspective may be. 

In other words, you want to have an MBA application that conveys a strong personal brand. 

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Chioma Isiadinso

Chioma is a former Harvard Business School admissions officer and the CEO and Co-Founder of EXPARTUS, the first MBA admissions consulting company to use personal branding as a key part of the b-school application process. Chioma is the author of The Best Business Schools' Admissions Secrets, one of the leading books on how to successfully navigate the MBA admissions process.