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Kellogg Releases Profile for MBA Class of 2022

The newest two-year MBA cohort at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management includes a gold-medal-winning Olympic rower, the founder of of Chile’s first Register of Women for Boards of Directors, and the designer of Bud Light’s first Pride-themed can.

It also includes more people besides that – many, many more. In fact, Kellogg’s class includes 559 students altogether, which represents an 18 percent increase from last year’s 474. 

That increase is thanks to a spike in applications the school received for its Class of 2022. As Kellogg’s assistant dean of admissions explains in a blog post, the school saw a 54 percent year-over-year rise in applications. 

Other than the jump in class size, the numbers for Kellogg’s latest MBA class look to be broadly in line with last year’s. According to the class profile, Kellogg’s Class of 2022 brings a mean GMAT of 727 and mean GPA of 3.6 (compared to 730 and 3.6 for the Class of 2021). 

A typical Class of 2022 MBA student has five years of work experience. That work experience is most likely to be in consulting (26 percent), financial services (22 percent), or tech (15 percent).

Slightly more than half of Kellogg’s most recent MBA class completed undergrad majors in economics or business. Twenty-nine percent focused on STEM subjects while 28 percent studied the humanities.

The percentages of women and international students are down a bit this year, at 40 and 26 respectively. 

Sixty-four percent of students identify as white and 17 percent as Asian-American. Eight percent identify as Hispanic while six percent identify as Black.

Presenting the class profile, assistant dean of admissions Kate Smith suggested that Kellogg’s newest crop of MBA students would draw advantages from the increased class size. 

Smith wrote that “this talented group of students benefits from more diverse perspectives in their networks, and also in the classroom and in their careers” as well as the possibility of “additional specialized electives.”

Of course, as the respectable numbers put up by Kellogg’s Class of 2022 show, a large class does not necessarily make for easy admissions. After all, while Kellogg’s class size increased by 18 percent, the number of applications it received shot up by 54 percent!

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