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MBA Admission Essays: London Business School

Posted by Chioma Isiadinso

London Business School‘s three MBA admission essays are fairly straightforward, and MBA applicants should focus on providing specific, concise, and logical answers.

Essay 1: What will your future look like after completing your MBA? (500 words)

This MBA essay prompt gives you plenty of room to elaborate on your goals for immediate employment after graduation and your long-term plans. Be as concrete and straightforward as you can. If you have a specific company in mind, say so. If you are contemplating a few different roles, make sure you can prove how you would be qualified for each. Do not leave the MBA admissions board wondering how you will manage a particular leap-tell them.

Given your word count, I would suggest dividing the essay to approximate thirds. Spend the first third discussing your short-term goals. Devote the next third to your long-term goals. Finally, use the last third to explain your current skillset and outline how an MBA from LBS will help you achieve your goals.
MBA Admission Essays
Essay 2: What value will you add to London Business School (300 words)

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This is the perfect opportunity to flesh out your personal brand. Any good marketer knows that they must show the value that a product or service will add to a consumer’s life. Here, you are being called upon to show what value your skills and experiences will bring to the LBS campus. If you have been thorough our personal branding process, your brand themes should immediately jump to mind when you read this question. Your personal brand is the value that you will bring.

In explaining the value that you will bring, try to balance your professional experience with more community-focused interests. Build out a vision of your involvement, both in the classroom and in different clubs. Think about how your experiences can fit in with or add to a particular club. If you don’t see a club that fits with some facet of your experience, you could focus on creating that club or building up that presence on campus.

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In addition to balancing classroom and extracurricular goals, your essay should include both tangible and intangible values. What about your personality will your classmates and professors value? What makes you a valuable teammate? 
London Business School
Essay 3: What is the School’s responsibility to you and what is your responsibility to the School? (400 words)

This question is rather unique among the gamut of B-School essays, and it can throw students off. It points to LBS’ expectation that its students take responsibility for their experience, and it is a great opportunity to express how you will proactively engage with and contribute to the program. The key is to research why, specifically, LBS is the best fit for your goals. Having done that research, you will be able to state concrete lessons that you want to learn from the school, as well as the benefits that you most value- specific parts of the curriculum, the impact of the alumni network, the financial hub of London, or whatever else attracted you to LBS. Share your expectations for your time at LBS, and why you want to spend your time there over another school.

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For the second part of the question, focus on how your skillset neatly fits with the expectations that you mentioned above, as well as with the overall culture of LBS. Be concrete in your responsibilities. What will you need to do to get the most out of your experience? How will you contribute to campus life? What pitfalls must you avoid?

For more information, visit LBS’ website.

Deadlines: Round 1- October 3; Round 2- January 5; Round 3- February 27; Round 4- April 17