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NYU Stern’s 2021 Employment Report Is Out

New York University’s Stern School of Business has released an employment report for its full-time MBA Class of 2021, and starting salaries for the school’s graduates continue to climb.

The median salary for Stern’s latest crop of graduating MBA students was $155,000, up $5,000 from last year. Among those receiving signing bonuses, the median was up by the same amount to $35,000. 

Stern’s newest group of MBA graduates weren’t just well compensated; they were quite successful at finding jobs soon after graduation. 

Ninety-six percent of the class received job offers within three months of graduation, and 95 percent accepted offers. In fact, 86 percent had already received and accepted offers by the time they graduated.

Those numbers are a rebound from the modest drop that occurred last year, when the Class of 2020 graduated into the initial chaos of the pandemic.

This year, the majority of Stern’s graduating MBA class took jobs in financial services (35 percent) or consulting (31 percent). A sizeable proportion, 19 percent, also opted for technology and telecommunications.

For many graduates, internship experiences were key to landing full-time jobs. A full 58 percent of graduates said their job offers stemmed from internships facilitated by Stern.

Students also reported finding jobs through on-campus interviews (14 percent), online job boards (7 percent), and personal connections (6 percent), among other avenues.

After finishing their MBAs, most Stern graduates (76 percent) remained in the Northeast region of the US, but 12 percent headed to the West. Two percent landed in the South, 1 percent in the Mid-Atlantic and 1 percent in the Midwest. 

About 5 percent of graduates relocated outside North America.

Stern’s MBA program evidently prepared students to hold a range of job functions. Thirty-eight percent took roles in consulting and 37 percent in finance or accounting while 12 percent went into marketing or sales and 6 percent into management.

Stern is one of the first top B-schools to release an employment report this year. 

If Stern’s results are representative, 2021 looks to be another strong year for job outcomes among graduates of elite MBA programs. Salaries and employment rates, at least at Stern, are trending upward after a 2020 that was already surprisingly strong given economic conditions. 

Of course, opportunities on the job market are a primary reason that top MBA programs are so competitive. 

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