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Three Mistakes that Can Derail Your MBA Application

Mistake Three: Under-Valuing Your Recommendation Letter

The entire MBA application process was designed so that admissions boards can come to know the candidates who are
applying, so that they can understand what drives the candidate and what the candidate values.

For many, this is a straight-forward enough concept when it comes to writing about oneself in essays or submitting resume-type information.

Yet I often see clients struggle with this idea when it comes to requesting and obtaining quality recommendations.

Too often, I observe candidates who look upon the recommendation letter as simply a double-check that what they…

Many applicants underestimate how influential the MBA recommendation letters are during the admissions process.

Know that an admission board views a poor recommendation letter as indication that you have bad judgment.

Beyond that, they may also infer that your performance and impact are likely worse than the recommender implies, because the expectation is that a recommender will be polite at a minimum.  My advice . . . choose wisely!

Find out if your recommender is a true brand champion and an avid fan of yours.

If he/she is not, look to your other acceptable options, such as former supervisors, clients, or other employees…