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Have you ever used an online dating website? (Don’t worry, you didn’t accidentally stumble onto the Cosmopolitan website.)

An MBA applicant can learn a lot from online dating.

You can filter for almost anything these days.

Height, weight, hair color, job, salary, hobbies, religion.

But it’s not as if you can just plug in all of your preferences and a list of hundreds of potential soulmates pops up onto your screen.

Personal Brand

When you’re looking for your true match, you’re looking for that je nais sai quois

that something special that you can’t quite put…

Here at EXPARTUS, we have built our entire MBA admissions philosophy around one concept.

Personal branding.


Because, when we served on the MBA admissions board at Harvard Business School, we noticed something.

The most successful MBA applicants were the ones whose MBA applications presented a clear, cohesive and compelling brand.

We came to believe in personal branding so much, in fact, that we built our business around it, helping MBA applicants develop their personal brands, and, as a result, maximize their chances for MBA admission.

Here at EXPARTUS, we talk about personal branding.


Actually, it’s the foundation of how we help our clients get admitted to top business schools.

There are many MBA candidates with outstanding test scores, credible work experience and sterling recommendations.

In such a competitive pool, it’s often the subjective element that sets someone apart.

The story behind the numbers.

Four Keys to Successful Personal Branding

That’s where personal branding comes in, and that’s where you can truly differentiate yourself.

In this…

Three Mistakes That Can Derail Your MBA Application

Mistake Two: Skipping Over Self-Reflection

reflectionIf you are applying to top MBA programs, schools know you write well.  Evaluating writing ability is NOT why they require essays as part of your MBA application.

Rather, schools pose their questions out of a genuine interest in getting to know candidates on a personal level: they seek to understand who a candidate is, what they value, how they learn, and how self-aware they are.

They want to understand your personal brand.  Your personal brand is your life story, tied together by various themes to…