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Branding gets you into your dream business school

Let us help you develop your personal brand and ensure the right business school is in your future.

The Ultimate Branding Service for MBA Candidates.

Our proprietary branding system, created by a former HBS AdCom, is rooted in the knowledge that your success in MBA Admissions lies in your personal narrative. We'll work with you to develop your unique brand and help propel you to admission at the top MBA programs in the world.


Using our proprietary and time-tested approach, we dig deep into your goals and uncover your most authentic personal narrative. Then, we collaborate with you to marry your story into the culture, values, and application elements of the school of your dreams.

  • 01

    Step One

    Tell us about your past professional and personal experiences.

  • 02

    Step Two

    Analyze and develop your unique brand message.

  • 03

    Step Three

    Integrate your brand into each entire application.


An unforgettable profile, not just a superficial essay.

We help you elicit a comprehensive, personal narrative that sticks by delving deep into your life experiences and identifying stories that will engage an AdCom.

A vetted trained MBA admissions branding specialist

Our team is made up of highly-trained admissions experts and alumni of top business schools who use our proprietary approach to bring out your best personal brand.

A partner from start-to-finish.

You'll never hear a ticking clock when you work with us. You'll get as many hours, rounds or revisions as you need.

Transformation of entire application

We don't just advise on essays but, instead, we ensure every piece of your application-from recommendations, to your professional resume, to videos-distinctively add value and communicate your unique brand. We don't look at components of your application in isolation; we vet every aspect to ensure total congruity within your brand message. We don't miss a thing, and the result is a story that is compelling and consistent.


Experts who produce results.

We have over 50 years of MBA Admissions experience across our team...
Our consultants have been where you are trying to go.

It\'s not easy to join our ranks, only 8% of MBA Consultants pass our training and vetting program. We seek out consultants who truly understand the nuances of a business school application journey and have expertise in client management. Ultimately, we only those who have a genuine passion to dedicate to our clients, and who love the work of helping clients discover their personal brand.

We build lasting relationships with our clients who become lifelong contacts. Each consultant only works with a small number of clients per round; you'll never feel like "one of many".

That's why our clients achieve entry to their dream school or the complete knowledge of how to put their best foot forward in the application process. Plus, over 30,000 candidates and consumers have read our book and used our approach.

Stack the odds in your favor.

The EXPARTUS process was very thorough and challenging, but it forced me to really sit down and think about who I am and what I bring to the table. Also, I think in regards to the recommender framework, I hadn't even realized this was necessary until the EXPARTUS process. This took some time to put together, but I believe it is extremely valuable to the recommenders to really write the best recommendation that they can. At the time it felt a bit like I was tooting my own trumpet to my past bosses, but in a case like this, I wouldn't want them to have made vague statements or examples that weren't unique to me. I'm glad we spent time on the framework so that this part of my application was really good as well.

The practice interview with other EXPARTUS staff was also very useful. I was nervous about the interview, and even though I thought I had prepped quite a bit with Adaobi, the feedback from the other interviewer was really useful and shines light to areas that I needed to work on.

Don't get lost in the stack of similar candidates.

Get matched with your MBA branding specialist now.