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Archive for April 2016

The Most Expensive and Reasonably Priced EMBA Programs

Enrolling in an EMBA program is an investment. Not just because it increases your earning potential, but also because it can be costly! For a few years now Wharton, Columbia and Kellogg have been neck-and-neck for the dubious honor of most expensive EMBA program. As fees continue to rise, the day is fast approaching when…

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Why You Should Visit an MBA Program Before Applying

People sometimes ask me if it’s worth visiting a school they’re interested in. This is an easy one: yes, absolutely! While visiting the MBA schools you’re interested in might not be practical if you’re an international applicant, you should make a visit to campus a priority if at all possible. Passing up an opportunity to…

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How to Select an MBA Program Once Admitted

Deciding between multiple MBA programs you’ve been admitted to is the best kind of dilemma to have, but it’s still a dilemma. It’s easy to feel torn. We had an applicant we worked with at EXPRTUS who ended up with a good result at the end of the application process: she was accepted to both…

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