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Archive for June 2014

The Age Question- Can you be too old or young for an elite MBA?

One look at the beauty aisle of your local pharmacy will show you just how much modern society values youth over age. Products scream “anti-aging!” and vow to make you look 10 years younger in two minutes. Models are young and beautiful, and Photoshop is always there to do away with even the slightest wrinkle.…

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Why I Agree With Clay Christensen: Harvard Missed a Chance at Disruptive Innovation in Online Education

Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen is perhaps best known for coining the term “disruptive innovation,” but recently, he’s expressed concern that his own employer missed a chance at such innovation. The debate centers on HBX, Harvard Business School’s venture into online education, and it includes another major player on the HBS scene- Professor Michael…

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Four Traits of a Successful MBA Candidate

Successful MBA candidates come from a huge variety of backgrounds and have tremendously different interests. However, most of them share these four core traits. Watch this video to learn about the four core traits of a successful MBA candidate and how you can develop those traits.    

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