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Archive for December 2011

Waitlisted. Am I Out of the Game?

I refer to the waitlist as a wasteland. Sorry to sound negative, but I managed the waitlist during my time as part of the Harvard Business School admissions committee and I know that very few people get off of the waitlist and into their programs. What can be confusing is that, while you’re stuck sitting on the waiting list, other people are moving forward and getting admitted. Does this mean you should throw in the towel?

Absolutely not! As long as you are not rejected, you are still competing. So, stay focused and keep working! This is the time to step back, evaluate where your application may have weaknesses and tackle those areas as powerfully as possible. Start asking yourself:

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Getting Accepted Means Getting Down to Business

Before you begin your MBA program, there is much to do: telling your bosses you are leaving your job, getting your financing in order to fund your education, catching up on all that pre-matriculation coursework before you enrol, and using your vacation time effectively. Tackling these four items effectively will ensure your success both in the short-term as you prepare to head back to school and in the long-term as you re-enter the workforce with your degree in hand.

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