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Archive for November 2012

How to Ace Wharton’s Team Based Discussion

I am a big believer in preparation. There is enough evidence of the payoff of preparation, think of the countless hours Kobe Bryant puts into perfecting his jump shots. But having said that, I still think that there is such a thing as over preparation which can backfire and hurt your admissions chances. So when…

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From Combat to Corporate: Veterans with MBAs

Military veterans have long been an appealing demographic for employers, and with good reason- their experience hones unique skills and strengths that would be an asset to any company. That same appeal can be seen in MBA programs around the country, as more and more veterans, after completing their tour of duty, are applying to…

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Online courses:The Changing Face of Business School Education

When you think about a typical MBA class, you probably picture 50-80 students gathered in a cozy sections or cohort classrooms, looking out on a beautiful grassy campus. For years, that picture roughly encapsulated the business school experience, and it is still the norm for most top MBA schools. However, another vision is rapidly demanding…

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