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Archive for June 2012

How to Switch Careers with an MBA

Are you considering a change of career? Are you wondering whether an MBA will help this transition? Or how to switch careers with an MBA? Career change is one of the most common reasons for pursuing an MBA, but many applicants worry that a less straight forward career path may hold them back, or that they…

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How MBA Applicants Can Use Their MBA To Change Their Career

Can I use the MBA to successfully transition to a new career? This is the question that many MBA applicants consider when applying to business school. The simple answer is yes! Changing one’s career is one of the most popular reasons MBA applicants give for why they want to get an MBA. There are three…

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What’s your biggest application concern?

Most applicants will have one particular aspect of the process that worries them the most, whether it’s a mild concern or something that keeps you awake every night. What’s your biggest application concern? [polldaddy poll=6313316]

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