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Archive for March 2017

INSEAD Updates MBA Curriculum

INSEAD’s one-year MBA program topped last year’s Financial Times MBA ranking. But the program’s success apparently doesn’t mean INSEAD will become complacent. Instead, the school has just announced that it will be implementing a new MBA curriculum starting this fall. The new curriculum introduces several changes, including a more personalized structure, new tech-related electives, and…

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Why Aren’t More Women Getting MBAs?

Taken on their own, the statistics are jarring: between 2015 and 2016, women earned only 38 percent of MBA degrees issued internationally. In the United States, that number was 36 percent. In context, it’s even worse. For graduate degrees generally, 60 percent of degrees were issued to women. And for many specialized business masters degrees,…

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Travel Ban Raises Questions for International Students

With the Trump administration’s second, revised travel ban appearing to be headed for a drawn-out legal battle, international students at United States business schools are left wondering what the executive order will mean for them. The order, scheduled to go into effect on March 16 before it was blocked by multiple federal judges, would have…

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Applying to an EMBA Program With a Less Than Perfect Profile

Are you thinking about applying to an Executive MBA program – but aren’t sure that your profile is the right fit? We’ve talked before about how to choose whether an MBA or an EMBA is right for you, but I also wanted to address something I see a lot: the concern over applying for an…

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GMAC Survey: B-School Alums Often End Up in Unexpected Jobs

According to GMAC’s newly released Alumni Perspectives Survey, business school grads are happy with their careers overall, but their degrees often take them down paths they hadn’t anticipated. In fact, 52 percent of alumni surveyed reported working in jobs or industries that they’d had no experience in when they entered business school. Meanwhile, two out…

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