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Archive for May 2014

Top MBA Scholarships for Women

Recently, I profiled top schools’ MBA scholarships offerings for African students. Today, I would like to take a look at some of the scholarship opportunities available for female students. Continued worries about gender diversity in the workplace have prompted schools to take a closer look at how they are encouraging female students and to reconsider…

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Should You Be Taking the GRE Instead of the GMAT?

The GRE is enjoying a surge of popularity among prospective MBAs, with about 10% of applicants choosing that test over the more traditional GMAT in the 2012-2013 application year. The most remarkable numbers come from institutions like the Yale School of Management, where GRE test-takers made up 21% of the 2013 application pool, or Notre…

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Time Management and Your MBA Application

Here are a few of the most common questions prospective students ask about the MBA application process: – How much time should I spend on my MBA application? – How much time will I need to create the most effective, compelling application? – When should I start? Your time is valuable, and the months leading…

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