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Archive for February 2015

Early Career MBA: Five Reasons to Apply in Round 3

Are you an early career b-school applicant? Are you considering applying to b-school in Round 3? Are you wondering whether it’s a good idea to apply so late in the MBA admissions cycle? If you’re a college senior, this is a busy time for you. You’re wrapping up your thesis, you’re deep into you job…

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Why Top MBA Programs Are Fighting Over Self-Aware Applicants

Who are the applicants that MBA programs fight over? The ones who have their pick of many great b-schools? The ones who MBA programs are competing for, instead of the other way around? They are a diverse (and fortunate) group, but I tell you one thing they all have in common: No, it’s not a…

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16 Critical GMAT Preparation Strategies

Do you have GMAT preparation strategies in mind? Or are you planning on just “winging it”? The GMAT is one of the most critical building blocks of a successful MBA application. And any serious applicant will begin studying and preparing for the test several months in advance. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with tried-and-true…

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