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Archive for April 2009

Some Good News for Internationals

There is good news for internationals who were facing the challenge of finding financing for their MBA. With the emergency $500 million International Student Loan Program created at the request of the Graduate Management Admission Council, many international students at top U.S. and European Business Schools will not have to give up their dreams of attending…

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CAMPUS VISIT: To Visit or Not to Visit

There are just a few weeks remaining before classes end and MBA programs wrap up their class visit programs at most business schools. Since the class visit programs are not usually available before the first deadlines, applicants who can fit them in now should try to do so in the next few weeks. Some of…

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Timing The MBA

There are many ways an applicant can jeopardize his/her chance of admission. One common way is not getting the timing of the application right–that is applying when you don’t have enough experience or applying after too long, and the MBA doesn’t make sense anymore for you. Applicants who time it right are more likely to…

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