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Columbia Executive MBA Profile


For almost 100 years, Columbia Business School has opened doors and provided opportunities for the business world’s next generation of leaders. These students come to Columbia with, an average, 12 years of professional experience, many from around the world.

They come to study in New York, at one of the best business schools in the world. Columbia Business School has created three different Executive MBA programs, to ensure that anyone with the potential to benefit from it has the opportunity to earn a Columbia MBA.

Columbia Executive MBA Profile

– The EMBA – New York Saturday program meets every Saturday for 24 months, with required three-day residential periods at the start of each term. Sponsorship (financial or otherwise) is welcome from students’ employers, but it is not required.

– The EMBA – New York Friday/ Saturday programs meets on alternate weekends for 20 months, with required five-day residential blocks at the start of the first two terms.

Company sponsorship is required for students enrolled in this program, in terms of time off; financial sponsorship is welcome but not required.

– The EMBA – Americas program meets monthly for five- to six-day residential periods throughout the 20-month program.While many of the meetings are held in New York, courses also take place in Silicon Valley, Toronto, and Mexico City. The program is designed to reduce the need for weekly travel to New York City.Enrolled students are required to have time-off sponsorship from their employers; financial sponsorship is welcome but not required.

For all programs, students are placed into learning teams with five to seven fellow classmates, within their 60- or 70-member cluster.

Columbia Business School gives its students every opportunity to develop bonds with one another, through study groups, team projects, and networking events like happy hours.

After all, the network you build while earning your Columbia EMBA will be as valuable to your future career as the skills you develop there. 

Curriculum Overview

All students within a cluster for a given EMBA Program participate together in the same core courses. These core courses give students a baseline operational knowledge that will allow them to excel as they enter into management positions with ever-greater responsibilities.

These core courses cover finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, leadership, operations, and global economics, among other topics.

Once core courses have been completed, Columbia Business School EMBA students are able to pursue elective courses in the fields that interest them most. These courses give students the opportunity to pursue a more focused topic at a higher level.

In addition to elective courses like “Catching the Growth Waves in Emerging Economies” and “Starting and Running an Entrepreneurial Company”, all students are required to participate in an International Seminar following the completion of their core curriculum. 

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

Applications for the Columbia Business School EMBA program are reviewed on a rolling basis for all three program tiers. Deadlines are as follows:

 – EMBA – Americas: Deadline for January 2016 entry is October 28, 2015

 – EMBA – New York Saturday: Deadline for May 2016 entry is January 13, 2016 for early decision, and February 29, 2016 for regular decision.

 – EMBA – New York Friday/Saturday: Deadline for August 2016 entry is March 23, 2016 for early decision, and June 1, 2016 for regular decision. 

Program Requirements

The requirements to enter Columbia Business School‘s Executive MBA program are relatively straightforward: you must be a professional with the “motivation and drive to do more, be more, and … want to make a positive impact on [your] organization right now.”

Financial sponsorship from an employer is not required for any Columbia applicant, although it is encouraged. However, applicants for the EMBA – New York Friday/Saturday program and the EMBA – Americas program must have employer sponsorship in the form of time off.

Tuition Cost

Columbia Business School uses a comprehensive fee for their Executive MBA programs, meaning that the total cost includes tuition, books and class materials, meals, and accommodations for mandatory residential periods.

Students are required to furnish their own laptop computer and cover travel costs for the International Seminar and their transport to and from campus.

The fee for Columbia’s Executive MBA program is $182,280 for students entering in January 2016. 

Course Length

There are three separate program options offered by Columbia Business School for their Executive MBA. The EMBA – New York Saturday program runs for 24 months meeting every Saturday.

The EMBA – Americas and EMBA – New York Friday/Saturday programs both run for 20 months, with the former meeting approximately one week a month, and the latter meeting every other Friday and Saturday.

School Address & Contact Info

Columbia Business School

Executive Education Program

4th Floor Armstrong Hall

3022 Broadway

New York, NY 10027


Date Founded

Columbia University, founded by royal charter in 1754, is the oldest institute of higher learning in New York state. The business school also has a long history, and is preparing to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the school’s 1916 founding. 

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