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MIT Sloan EMBA Profile

MIT Sloan

MIT has long been known as an institution that nurtures and empowers great thinkers. But without action, it’s difficult for great thinking to change the world.

That’s why, from the MIT motto of mens et manus (mind and hand) to the Action Learning philosophy of Sloan School of Management, an Executive MBA from MIT Sloan is designed to help students turn ideas into action.

MIT Sloan EMBA Profile

The curriculum of MIT Sloan’s EMBA has been strategically designed to give students opportunities to apply their knowledge, from weekend courses on Leading Complex Organizations and Introduction to System Dynamics to an intensive week-long global lab where students solve real-world challenges within an international context.

This focus on applied learning draws an elite group of students to the MIT Sloan EMBA program. More than two-thirds of the participants for the class of 2017 are executives at the director level or higher, and participants had an average of 17 years of work experience.

Students come from a diverse range of industries, and more than half of the class was of international origin.With so many high-powered, high-performing individuals working together in a rigorous academic setting, it’s no surprise that the MIT alumni peer network brings together some of the brightest minds and most innovative leaders working in today’s global organizations.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for MIT’s Sloan Executive MBA program is designed to be data-driven and focused on applied learning opportunities.

The overall curriculum uses a blend of brief, targeted weekend sessions and week-long intensive Executive Modules to allow students time to develop a strong peer network and utilize their skills in real-world applications.

The week-long modules for the Sloan Executive MBA program are:

– Leadership and Integrative Management

– Innovation Driven Entrepreneurial Advantage

– Leading in a Global Context

– Leading with Impact

Students also participate in an Organizations Lab midway through the program, where they apply skills from their coursework to create or improve a process within their own organization, and a Global Organizations Lab where they work within a small team to manage an integration challenge within an international organization. 

Course Length

The Sloan Executive MBA program runs for 20 months. The curriculum consists of four week-long executive modules, held every six months; 26 weekend sessions, held every three weeks; two two- to four-day elective periods, held yearly; and a week-long international trip held toward the end of the program. 

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

Applications are currently open for the MIT Sloan Executive MBA program entering in the fall of 2016. Deadlines are applications are:

Round 1: 4 January 2016

Round 2: 11 March 2016

Final deadline: 1 June 2016 (11:59 EDT) 

Program Requirements

To be considered for the MIT Sloan Executive MBA program, applicants must hold an undergraduate degree, have ten years of professional (post-undergraduate) work experience, be employed full time, and demonstrate the ability to succeed in a challenging English-only academic environment.

Neither a GMAT score or a TEOFL score is required for all applicants, but Sloan candidates may find it useful to include these scores on their application to illustrate strengths that might not be evident from an academic transcript.

In rare and exceptional cases, applicants without an undergraduate degree or with less than ten years of professional work experience may be considered for admission.

Tuition Cost

For the class entering in fall 2015, the cost for the Sloan Executive MBA program is $153,000, payable in five installments. This cost covers tuition, textbooks, and all required digital materials, as well as travel costs during the global project trip.

However, the cost does not include hotel accommodations or travel costs during the regular program, nor does it cover the cost of a computer. 

Date Founded

The course which would eventually become MIT Sloan School of Management, Course XV: Engineering Administration, was established in 1914. The Executive MBA program was launched nearly a century later, in 2010. 

School Address & Contact Info

MIT Executive MBA Program

MIT Sloan School of Management

238 Main Street, Suite 500

Cambridge, MA 02142


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