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Case Study: Admitted to Top EMBA Program With Limited Work Experience

No matter how much we believe in the work that we do here at EXPARTUS, there is nothing that compares to the real life stories from the people we have worked with.

A former client, who is earning his EMBA at London Business School, was worried about how his age and lack of experience would affect his chances of admission.  However, our team worked with him to make sure that his story and application would still shine regardless.  

Here’s his story on how he went from applicant to enrollee! 

What was your background career before applying for an EMBA program?

At the time I was living in London and had been thinking of applying for about a year and a half before I actually did. It was a decision I wanted to really think about before I decided to go for it.

Admitted to Top EMBA Program With Limited Work Experience 

What made you want to earn an EMBA?

I knew that I loved what I was doing, but I also was aware of the changes occurring within the industry. There were a lot of naysayers against these changes, who thought that they would die out. However, the industry continued to be revolutionized by those changing ideas.

I knew that if I wanted to be better at my job and better able to anticipate all of the changes in the industry, I needed to earn an EMBA. I knew that in having an EMBA, I could navigate the evolving sales and trading environments in a much stronger manner. 

What were your concerns about applying to an EMBA program?

My biggest concern was my age. Many of the applicants and students in an EMBA program have had years – or even decades – of managerial experience. I was worried that being younger than most of these people would hinder me, as I was only in my early 30s.

What brought you to EXPARTUS?

It was a bit of a two-fold process that brought me to EXPARTUS. First, I had read Chioma’s book when I was first looking to attend an EMBA program.

Second, I had a good friend who had used EXPARTUS’ services and had gotten into Columbia. Between both of those factors, I knew working with EXPARTUS would be the best way to overcome any doubts I had regarding applying to an EMBA program.

Can you describe your experience working with EXPARTUS?

I had an absolutely brilliant experience working with EXPARTUS. My EXPARTUS admissions consultant worked with me each step of the way. We had great conversations about how to prove my time in the industry was equally as valuable as those who had decades of managerial experience.

I felt so much more confident going into my interview than I had when I began the EMBA application journey. My ability to present my story effectively had evolved thanks to my EXPARTUS consultant and I felt prepared to answer any questions that the admissions committee might have. 

How did EXPARTUS help you overcome the challenges/concerns you had?

My EXPARTUS admissions consultant was fantastic in helping me shape my story. For many of the people applying to EMBA programs, their experience is their story.

For me, I didn’t have that to fall back on. My EXPARTUS admissions consultant worked with me to shape my brand by showcasing my international work and the management experience I did have.

By focusing on what I could bring to the program, though my experiences may have been different from the decades of management of others, I was able to prove myself to the committee. 

What advice do you have for someone else who was in your same position?

One of the best ways to make your application to stand out is to be involved in activities outside of your traditional day-to-day role. When admissions committees ask about your story and experience, it encompasses so much more than just the work you do in the office. By getting involved in outside projects, you bring a new and innovative viewpoint to the table. 

What was your admission outcome and do you feel working with EXPARTUS was worth it?

I would do it again, 100%. It helped me grow and learn so much about myself as well as taught me the best ways to present myself to the admissions committee. I would work with EXPAERTUS again, without a doubt.

Some might hesitate about the cost perspective, but I absolutely believe it was a worthwhile investment. I looked at it as part of the cost of being admitted to these top tier programs.

In the same way that if you buy a house and need to do renovations on it, which increases what the house is worth, investing in yourself to attend one of these elite business school programs will lead to being more valuable in the end.