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Yale’s Master of Advanced Management Class of 2017

Along with its new MBA class, Yale School of Management has welcomed a smaller group of 63 people to campus. Representing 26 countries, this highly international cohort is Yale SOM’s Master of Advanced Management, or MAM, Class of 2017.

Yale’s MAM is an advanced degree with a global emphasis, designed for MBA graduates from the 25-school Global Network for Advanced Management. Founded in 2012, the Global Network facilitates collaboration between member schools in both research and learning.

For example, the partnership’s Global Network Week gives students a chance to attend week-long courses at other Global Network schools. Each of these courses covers a regional topic or another area where the faculty offers unique expertise. Students also have opportunities to visit local businesses.

Yale's Master of Advanced Management Class of 2017

Another way the Global Network creates ties between MBA students at member schools is through online case studies. Faculty at multiple schools often work together creating the case studies, which are then used by teams of students collaborating across schools.

When students graduate with MBAs from Global Network member schools, they can apply to continue their studies through Yale’s one-year MAM program. Many of Yale’s MAM Class of 2017 learned about Yale SOM through the Global Network, and altogether the cohort represents 19 member schools.

The MAM’s curriculum features several required components that build on students’ MBA studies. These include a course on major global business trends, a hands-on practicum, and a colloquium involving meetings with business leaders.

However, a hallmark of the MAM is the flexibility it gives students in designing their own studies. Required coursework accounts for just 20 percent of the program, with the other 80 percent drawn from electives across Yale SOM and Yale University.

Considering the global applicant pool and the flexibility of the program, it probably won’t come as a surprise that this year’s class forms a diverse student body representing a range of schools and industries.

Although all students come from within the Global Network, member schools are fairly evenly represented. This year, IE Business School sent the most students, accounting for 16.1 percent of the Class of 2017. University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business came in second, at 11.3 percent.

Similarly, no single industry was dramatically overrepresented, with students most commonly naming their industry as “other.” Consulting, manufacturing, and consumer products tied for second, at 10 percent apiece.

Finally, 23 of the 63 students were working outside their home country when they enrolled, and 40 percent were women. Yale noted that the class’s accomplishments were likewise varied, ranging from hitchhiking the length of Africa to starting an HIV/AIDS prevention network in the Philippines.

Yale’s MAM Class of 2017 kicked off their time on campus by participating in a joint orientation with the MBA Class of 2018, and they are now a few weeks into the one-year degree. To learn more about Yale’s MAM, visit the program’s website.