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Ross Launches New Master of Supply Chain Management

University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business is launching a new Master of Supply Chain Management, or MSCM, that will enroll its inaugural class in July.

The new program will take place over the course of ten months, compared with twelve months for Ross’s previous MSCM. Despite the shorter length, the new program includes more time on campus, which Ross says will help students get “the full Michigan Ross experience.”

Besides the new timeline, which Ross designed to fit more closely with recruiters’ schedules, the content of the degree has also changed.

According to Ross dean Scott DeRue, the goal of the new program is “preparing the next generation of leaders for the dynamic and complex supply chains of tomorrow.” This orientation toward the future is reflected in the new MSCM’s stronger emphasis on big data and analytics in supply chain management.

Additionally, the new program incorporates more hands-on learning opportunities into the curriculum. During the winter, students will take a new Supply Chain Consulting Studio course during which they act as consultants on real-world supply chain management problems.

Even before these changes, Ross’s MSCM was ranked fifth in the country by U.S. News & World Report. No surprise, then, that Ross will be keeping some of the elements that made the previous program unique.

Ross Launches New Master of Supply Chain Management

For one, Ross’s MSCM will continue to be run with the guidance of the Corporate Advisory Council, a group of leaders from across the industry. Besides giving input on the MSCM curriculum, members of the Corporate Advisory Council meet with and advise Ross’s MSCM students.

Ross also touts the fact that their MSCM is STEM certified, making it possible for international students to stay in the country for up to 36 months of postgraduate practical training. For Ross’s MSCM Class of 2015, 100 percent of alums were offered jobs within three months of graduation.

Bill Hall, head of sustainability at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and member of the Ross MSCM Corporate Advisory Council, said the program was characterized by its “progressive curriculum, high-impact action-based learning module, and close collaboration with the corporate sector.”

Hall said these facets of the program would allow Ross to “accelerate its production of elite supply chain innovators,” helping the business community “address society’s emerging challenges.”

Applications are currently open for the new program’s first cohort, with upcoming February 1 and March 1 deadlines. For more information, see Ross’s Master of Supply Chain Management web page.