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NYU Stern Launches Tech MBA, Fashion & Luxury MBA

New York University’s Stern School of Business has announced two new specialized MBA programs: one in tech, and one in fashion.

Both are streamlined one-year programs. Raghu Sundaram, Stern’s Vice Dean for MBA Program’s and Online Learning, said the one-year schedule would be an efficient way for students to gain industry-specific experience while “reducing the opportunity cost with a more affordable MBA option.”

With both programs, Stern intends to take advantage of its location to offer an immersive experience.

For example, the Fashion & Luxury MBA includes several hands-on projects with companies in New York as well as a two-week “international fashion and luxury immersion.” Students will also be able to collaborate and network with business through the NYU Stern Fashion Lab.


The curriculum for the Tech MBA, meanwhile, includes both an “NYC Immersion” experience in the summer and a “Silicon Valley Immersion” experience in the winter. The full program runs from May to May.

Stern’s dean, Peter Henry, highlighted that the school is perfectly located for immersive learning. “With global headquarters and new economy upstarts just outside our doors, we are in constant conversation with industry about developing future talent,” he said.

He added that “this dialogue drives continuous innovation at Stern, such as establishing the first FinTech MBA specialization,” which the school did last year.

Stern sees the new MBA specializations as good fits for students who are strongly committed to particular industries. Raghu Sundaram said the ideal candidate for these programs would be someone with “a definitive career focus and a passion for these fields.”

In their press release, Stern specified that for the Tech MBA, applicants expected to have “strong technology backgrounds.”

After all, the curriculum for the Tech MBA includes both general management courses and a significant technical component.

While the “Business Core” covers topics likes marketing and leadership, the “Tech Core” discusses data science, analytics, software engineering and several other areas. This part of the curriculum was designed in consultation with NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

The Fashion & Luxury MBA, meanwhile, is intended to be relevant for people interested in a variety of fashion and luxury industries. According to Stern’s announcement, these sectors range from apparel to high-end automotive to fine wines.”

The first cohorts for both new degrees will enroll in May of 2018. For more information, see Stern’s Fashion & Luxury MBA and Tech MBA web pages.