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Wharton’s 2019 MBA Class Profile

The Wharton School has released a profile of its latest MBA cohort, the Class of 2019. Wharton’s data paints a picture of a class with diverse backgrounds and experiences, comprised of people from 65 different countries.

As you’d expect, competition to gain a spot in the Class of 2019 was fierce. The school received 6,692 applications for a final enrolled class of 863 students.

Accordingly, those who were accepted tended to have strong stats. Overall, enrolled students had an average GMAT of 730. Those who took the GRE had 163 as their typical verbal score and 162 as their average quant score.

That said, there was healthy variation from one application to the next. The lowest GMAT score among members of the Class of 2019 was 530, while the highest was an impressive 790.

Wharton’s Class of 2019 are also a fairly diverse bunch. A third of the class are international students, and a third of students from the United States are people of color.

Meanwhile, 44 percent of incoming students are women, making Wharton’s ratio of men to women one of the most even among top business schools. Wharton similarly enrolled 44 percent women last year.

The class also includes a healthy mix of people with different college majors. Humanities majors are the most represented, at 41 percent of the total class, but 32 percent of students studied STEM and 27 studied business in undergrad.

In their analysis, Poets & Quants points out that the 32 percent STEM majors is a record high for Wharton. This figure is up four points from last year, leading P&Q to announce that the school seems to have found a “new love for STEM applicants.”

Wharton’s latest batch of enrolled students has five years of work experience on average, with a range between zero and 14 years. Students most commonly worked in consulting (26 percent) and private equity or venture capital (14 percent).

Other popular industries include government and non-profit, the mysterious “other” category, and tech, which came in at 9 percent – one percentage point above investment banking.

A substantial portion of Wharton’s Class of 2019 are enrolled in dual degree programs. Specifically, 14 students are completing the JD/MBA, 76 are doing the Lauder international studies MBA/MA, and 72 are participating in the Health Care Management MBA program.

For more information on Wharton’s incoming class, see the full Class of 2019 profile.