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Kellogg’s 2017 Employment Report

If you get an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, you could end up anywhere. Kellogg’s latest employment report shows that alums in the Class of 2017 had almost equal odds of accepting jobs on the East Coast, the West Coast or the Midwest.

Wherever you wind up, though, chances are you’ll be employed. Ninety-four percent of this year’s Kellogg MBA cohort received job offers within three months of graduation. And, in fact, 85.4 percent already had offers by the time they graduated.

As far as what industries those offers were in, 33 percent of this year’s alums went into consulting. Next most common was tech, up to 25 percent. According to the school, the rise of tech also explains the increasing number of Kellogg grads bound for the West Coast.

Thirteen percent of Kellogg grads went into finance. And just behind finance was consumer packaged goods, which drew 12 percent of 2017’s Kellogg MBAs. Together, those four industries – consulting, tech, finance and consumer packaged goods – accounted for 83 percent of grads.

Altogether, about 200 employers hired members of the Class of 2017 this year. Chief among those, according to the school, were McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Amazon, Bain and Microsoft. The school also points out that students accepted jobs at more than 50 tech companies this year.

So how much do these jobs pay anyway? Well, the median salary for this year’s Kellogg MBA grad was $125,000, and the average signing bonus was $25,000.

Overall, while 94.1 percent of alums seeking jobs received offers, 90.8 percent accepted job offers. Of the 678 total students in the Class of 2017, 556 said they were looking for jobs.

Among the ones who weren’t seeking employment, the most common reason was that they were already employed. Specifically, 100 students were being sponsored by their companies or already had jobs.

The next most common reason for not being on the job hunt was starting a business. Twelve students in the Class of 2017 were dedicating themselves full-time to starting businesses after graduation.

Clearly, Kellogg graduates have a good outlook on the job market. But is Kellogg the right school for you? How does your profile line up with what the school expects?

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