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NYU Stern Names New Dean

New York University’s Stern School of Business has been on the hunt for a new dean for more than half a year, and they’ve now made their pick. The school announced this week that Rangarajan “Raghu” Sundaram would become the new dean, effective January 1.

In the course of their search, the school ultimately found their preferred candidate at Stern itself.

According to Andrew Hamilton, president of NYU: “Stern’s reputation is such that it had an outstanding group of candidates for the dean’s post. But in the end, the Search Committee found the best candidate here in our own midst.”

Sundaram has taught at Stern for more than twenty years. He’s a professor of finance as well as an endowed professor of credit and debit markets specifically. And since 2016, he has been vice dean of MBA programs.

Sundaram received a BA from University of Madras and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management. Subsequently, he received a PhD in economics from Cornell University.

Since then, he has published research on topics including finance, game theory and mathematical economics. He has also written two books, received research grants from organizations like the National Science Foundation, and been given Sterns’ Distinguished Teaching Award.

Hamilton said that Sundaram’s diverse range of accomplishments coupled with his commitment to Stern set him apart among candidates for the deanship.

In Hamilton’s words, “Raghu Sundaram has a strong, highly regarded record of leadership and innovation, scholarship and teaching, and collegiality and service to both Stern and the University.  In a field of distinguished candidates for Stern’s deanship, Raghu stood out.”

During his time as vice dean, Sundaram helped boost Stern’s tech cred. He was involved in launching the school’s Creative Destruction Lab, a “seed-stage program for massively scalable, science-based companies.”

He also helped the school add new specialized MBA programs, including a one-year Tech MBA, as well as a new online education program. Overall, his appointment suggests that similar projects could be in the works for the future, and that there is likely to be continuity in Stern’s leadership and strategy.

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