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Darden Announces Full Scholarship for Indonesian Students

The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business has announced the Indonesia Fellowship, which will give full financial support to select MBA applicants from Indonesia. The fellowship is funded by the Rainbow Foundation, an organization based in Jakarta.

Besides tuition and fees, the fellowship is intended to cover living costs and other study costs, like textbooks and a computer.

Dawna Clarke, executive director of admissions and financial aid at Darden, summarized the scholarship as “an incredibly generous offer for talented students from Indonesia.”

According to Clarke, “The level of funding the fellowship provides exceeds that provided by other scholarships in the market, and it gives deserving students the opportunity to study at one of the world’s top business schools.”

So what does one have to do to apply for this scholarship?

Well, be from Indonesia, for one thing. The scholarship is specifically for Indonesian nationals who demonstrate a need for financial support in their studies at Darden.

Other than that, though, applying for the fellowship is easy. Indonesian applicants are automatically considered for the scholarship as part of the MBA admissions process.

Moreover, students can choose to put the scholarship toward study in Darden’s full-time MBA program or in one of the school’s Executive MBA programs, including the Global Executive MBA.

The Indonesia Fellowship is one of the most substantial scholarships Darden offers for international students. However, there are several other full scholarships international applicants are eligible for.

For example, the school offers ten Batten Scholarships, which are awarded to students interested in tech, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Meanwhile, there are two Jefferson Scholarships, which cover both tuition and living expenses, like the Indonesia Fellowship. For a full list of Darden MBA scholarships that international candidates are eligible for, see this page.

Overall, though, the Indonesia Fellowship stands out in that it is Darden’s most generous scholarship for applicants from a specific country. This makes it a serious perk for Darden MBA or EMBA candidates from Indonesia.

More information about the Indonesia Fellowship is available on the Darden website.

Granted, you may be wondering whether you have the profile to be accepted to Darden in the first place, let alone to be in the running for a prestigious scholarship at the school.

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