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Darden Brings On Seven New Professors for 2018-2019

It’s the beginning of a new academic year, which means not just a new cohort of students, but an influx of new faculty talent. University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business is one school that has been busy hiring professors, welcoming seven new faculty members to campus this year.

Like many top business schools, Darden has recently been bolstering its offerings in data science, so it makes sense that two of the new professors will join the school’s Quantitative Analysis area.

Michael Albert comes to Darden from being a post-doctoral researcher at Duke, where he previously earned a PhD in financial economics. His research includes using machine learning techniques to model markets, and he is currently slated to teach Darden’s Data Science in Business elective.

Also joining the Quantitative Analysis area is Sasa Zorc. Zorc has a PhD in decisions sciences from INSEAD, and his research covers topics including behavioral economics and game theory.

Global Economies and Markets is another area of study where Darden adds a duo of new faculty members.

Here, Kinda Hachem is moving to Darden from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, where she was an associate professor of economics. Her research involves banking, macroeconomics and monetary policy.

Anton Korinek is the other newcomer in Darden’s Global Economies and Markets area. His research explores the macroeconomic implications of artificial intelligence and automation, including in terms of inequality. In that vein, he will teach the elective Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work.
Leadership and Organizational Behavior is the third area of study bringing on multiple faculty members.

Sean Martin previously taught at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. His research looks at how an individual’s organizational context influences their behavior, and he will teach courses including First Year Leadership and Organizational Behavior.

The other faculty member joining this area is Roshni Raveendhran. Her research covers topics such as the psychological effects of using automation in a workplace and how leadership practices can best adapt to technological change.

The seventh new professor Darden welcomes to campus is Shane Dikolli, in the Accounting area. Besides his research on topics like evaluating CEOs’ performance, Dikolli has an impressive teaching resume: at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, he was named teacher of the year eight times.

Darden’s associate dean for faculty and research, Sankaran Venkataraman, says that the school has high expectations for its newest faculty members.

According to him, the school looks for professors who “have great potential to integrate high-quality teaching and student engagement with relevance to the practitioner and academic scholars.” He says they “have found exactly what [they] were looking for in these talented professors.”

For a top business school like Darden, its faculty is one of its greatest assets. Having access to these kinds of professors is one of several advantages of being at such a school.

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