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Wharton Appoints New Director of Lauder Institute

University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School has announced that, starting July 1, Martine Haas will be the director of the school’s Joseph H. Lauder Institute for Management and International Studies.

The Lauder Institute gives an international bent to Wharton’s MBA program. Students who enroll in the Lauder Institute’s program earn both an MA in International Studies and an MBA.

Alternatively, students can earn a JD from Penn Law instead of an MBA. Each cohort includes about 70 students.

Haas is newly appointed as the institute’s director, but she isn’t new to Wharton. Currently, Haas is an associate professor of management at Wharton, where she has been since 2007.

During her time at Wharton, Haas has won an MBA core curriculum teaching award and taught a range of courses to MBA students, undergraduates, executives, and doctoral students. Haas’s research covers topics such as global teamwork and knowledge sharing, and she has won several scholarly awards.

Haas’s background is suitably international for the director of a program focused on international management.

She was born in South Africa and is a citizen of both the United States and the United Kingdom. She has worked for McKinsey in London and for Oxfam, and she has advised the World Bank.

Similarly, her education spans both sides of the Atlantic, with a BA from Oxford, an MA in International Relations from Yale, and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Harvard.

Ronald Lauder, who chairs the Lauder Institute’s Board of Governors, described Haas as “the perfect choice to lead the Lauder Institute.”

He anticipated that her “experience, vision, and leadership will advance the Lauder Institute, already one of the world’s leading places for international business education, to an even higher level.”

Meanwhile, University of Pennsylvania provost Wendell Pritchett characterized Haas as “one of the most exciting and innovative thinkers about the future of global business.”

He added that the Lauder Institute’s mission is “more essential than ever in our increasingly globalized society, whose complex challenges require multi-faceted, interdisciplinary solutions.”

For MBA applicants who are interested in the ever more international flavor of business in the world today, the Lauder Institute offers an attractive possibility: an academically rigorous program that combines a top MBA degree with an MA in International Studies.

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