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IE Adds Master in Finance Exchange Program With London Business School

IE Business School and London Business School have announced a new exchange agreement for Master in Finance students. With the new partnership, students from both programs now have additional opportunities to gain international experience during their studies.

For IE and London Business School students, the exchanges will take place near the end of the one-year Master in Finance programs.

IE’s Master in Finance program is divided into three main stages: a fundamentals stage an applied finance stage and an electives stage. Similarly, LBS’s has four terms with the last, optional term being reserved for electives and international exchange.

In both cases, the exchange will take place during the electives stage.

At IE, the agreement builds on a few other international options. Master in Finance students can visit New York and London to learn about finance in these cities. They can also learn about microfinance in Ghana or participate in an exchange with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Similarly, LBS students have several international immersion opportunities available. These include electives in Frankfurt and Paris and a partnership with Columbia Business School.

Ignacio de la Torre, director of IE’s Master in Finance program, anticipated the new exchange would be “a great asset, allowing our students to expand their academic experience, networking and job opportunities.”

Meanwhile, Kate Forman, who holds the corresponding position at LBS, emphasized commonalities between the two schools. In her words: “Both schools share values of diversity, future-focus and innovation, and our students will now be able to experience this in two key European finance locations.”

In that sense, the partnership between top business schools in these two European capitals does seem like a natural fit.

One common ranking of financial hubs, the Global Financial Centres Index, puts London at 2 and Madrid at 37. Frankfurt, where both IE and LBS have international immersion options, comes in at 10.

Despite the similarities, IE and LBS’s Master in Finance programs do have important distinctions, including in the amount of experience that successful applicants typically have.

Understanding these differences between programs is essential to knowing what school might be the right fit and what aspects of your profile to emphasize in your application.

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