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Haas Releases Another Tech-Heavy Employment Report

About one in three graduates from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business head for the tech sector, according to the school’s 2019 employment report.

Haas’s 2018 report was already notable for the proportion of graduates going into tech, but that percentage has continued to inch up, to 33 percent.

No doubt that figure is thanks in part of Haas’s Bay Area location. Stanford Graduate School of Business, the other Bay Area B-school powerhouse, has yet to release a 2019 employment report, but it similarly saw a third of its 2018 alums seek out tech jobs upon graduation.

At Haas, the second-most popular industry was consulting, representing 25 percent of the Class of 2019. That was followed by financial services at 15 percent.

Overall, the 227 job-seeking alums in Haas’s 280-person Class of 2019 were quite successful in their search, with 211 students landing offers and 207 accepting them.

Those jobs tended to be well-compensated, with the median salary rising to $140,000 from $125,000 last year. Seventy-six percent also received sign-on bonuses and 46 percent stock options.

Haas’s employment report includes a list of “top employers” that hired three or more graduates. These companies range from Google to McKinsey and from Visa to the Clorox Company, which has previously been featured on Haas’s website for its internships.

Of course, not all Class of 2019 grads opted to head for companies that are household names. In fact, drawing on the tech theme, the school reports that 15 percent of job-seeking grads went to work for startups.

The job functions that Haas’s 2019 alums took on most often had to do with consulting (27 percent), marketing (16 percent), finance (15 percent), or strategy (15 percent). General management (8 percent) and operations (7 percent) were also well represented.

Haas’s 2019 employment report goes to show how an MBA from a top school can open doors to different job functions across a wide range of industries.

At the same time, the somewhat tech-heavy nature of the report is a good reminder that among the many factors to consider in choosing an MBA program, location can make a difference in what experience you have and what lines of work are most readily accessible when you graduate.

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