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IE Announces Dual Management/Engineering Masters With RWTH Aachen

Management and engineering skills have become an increasingly powerful combination, and IE Business School is the latest top business school to recognize that fact with a new degree program.

IE has announced that they will begin offering a Master of Management and Digital Engineering Master dual degree together with RWTH Aachen University.

The program will last for two and a half years. Students will spend two semesters at RWTH Aachen in Aachen, Germany, followed by two semesters at IE in Madrid, Spain.

The Aachen portion of the degree will focus on technical skills in areas like artificial intelligence, finite element methods, and IT security. 

When they arrive in Madrid, students will begin IE’s Master in Management program, which has a variety of tracks and electives to choose from. 

In the program’s final semester, its interdisciplinary aspect will come to the fore. Students will be tasked with writing a thesis that draws on both the management and the engineering portions of their studies.

Given the program’s strong engineering emphasis, every applicant is required to have a Bachelor’s of Science in a STEM subject as well as a year of work experience under their belt.

Stephanie Villemagne, the associate dean of IE’s Master in Management program, says that because of that requirement, applications will “go through Aachen first.”

IE is among several top business schools that have rolled out new offerings with a combined engineering/management emphasis. See for example, NYU Stern’s Tech MBA or Harvard Business School’s joint MS/MBA

What’s more unique about IE’s program, though, is the collaboration with a different university, especially one located in another country. 

Villemagne gave a clear rationale for the program, saying that “the mix of science and management is probably the best thing you can do for the future of work.”

She explained that “many engineers start their careers without managements skills and many managers do not understand science or engineering enough.” Thus, in a job market that values both, IE’s program will seek to help fill that gap. 

For students looking for a program that develops both technical and management skills, IE’s new dual degree is certainly an interesting option to consider. Of course, which program is the right fit also comes down to questions about career goals, background, and application strategy. 

We’re happy to provide feedback on how those points tie into your future graduate management education and what you can do to emphasize your unique strengths when applying to top schools like IE. Just get in touch with us and ask for a free application assessment!