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Coaching. Partnership. Branding.

Every day, I am fueled by a genuine passion for higher education. The world of higher education is one I've been immersed in for many years now; I hold a Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychology, and worked on the admissions committee at both Carnegie Mellon and Harvard Business School (HBS).

Throughout the years, my eyes were opened to the nuanced ways in which admissions decisions are made. Time and time again I have seen that a "perfect" background is not necessarily the key to a successful outcome. A cohesive, compelling personal story is what makes an applicant stand out and can ultimately lead to an acceptance into a top tier MBA program.

It took a substantial amount of time and planning to distill all I had done with the HBS adcom into a specific process, years to write a book that captured that method, and several more years to perfect and create the best approach possible to train a team of experts. Now, with time-tested results to back us, I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact one of our MBA consultants can have on your B-school application and outcome.

What I want our clients to realize upfront, and one of the primary reasons I felt compelled to found and create EXPARTUS, is that the process of applying to an MBA program is substantially more rigorous than most people realize. You can certainly find tips, advice and editing services on the internet, but the difference (the difference that leads to a happy outcome) lies in our committed approach to being your invisible other half, holding you accountable and getting you across the finish line.

My promise to our clients is that we will work with you to deliver a complete profile, not just a well-written essay or resume. Most MBA applicants can stumble through writing a statement or putting a resume together, but your application to B-school is a broad and multifaceted endeavor. We offer detailed, unlimited assistance in creating a comprehensive application that becomes a total package. The work you do with us now to develop your unique and signature story will pay off in spades. Your personal brand is something you can take with you beyond your application to B-school; it's an integral part of defining your authenticity and using that one-of-a-kind narrative to generate success in every situation.

To this day, I am still in awe of our clients and their tremendous goals. If you're considering Business School, I encourage you to work with us and go through this process with a vetted MBA consultant as your partner. Your MBA will be one of the greatest investments of your life and ultimately be a bridge to the dreams you are already envisioning (and some that you can't imagine yet!) Walk with our team and earn the admission you're hoping for.

Chioma Isiadinso, Founder