The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is one of the top business schools that have embraced the trend toward big data. Now, the school has announced that it is bringing all its data initiatives together under one big program, Analytics at Wharton.

This move is being made with the support of an anonymous $15 million gift. The gift comes…

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The Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) has announced the winners in this year’s iteration of Startup Yale, a competition for student entrepreneurs featuring four prizes worth a total of $90,000.

Yale Startup unfolds over three days of live pitches and includes winners in four categories as well as audience…

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Michigan will have to wait until next year to try their luck on the basketball court, but the good news is that they did come out on top in another arena: student entrepreneurship. This week, Michigan was named the winner of PitchBook’s 2019 VC Founders Bracket.

In this entrepreneurship-themed March bracket, PitchBook tallied how many venture-backed entrepreneurs each undergraduate program in…

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One of Harvard Business School’s biggest challenges goes well beyond the bounds of the school’s campus, according to the school’s dean. In an interview with the Harvard Crimson, Nitin Nohria highlighted a need for HBS to address society’s faith in capitalism itself. 

Nohria explained that “We – as a school that has often been associated with business, which…

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A constant question for business schools is how to evaluate “soft skills” that are hard to quantify but essential for future success.

Recently, Yale School of Management has been experimenting with a test of soft skills developed by Educational Testing Service, makers of the GRE. Since Round 2 of last admissions season, applicants to Yale SOM have taken the test without their…

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U.S. News has released their latest batch of business school rankings, and it turns out there are a lot of ties this year. According to U.S. News, the top ten MBA programs are:

1. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

3. Harvard Business School

4. MIT Sloan…

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Another month, and another new finance-related initiative at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

In February, a $10 million donation established the school’s Alternative Investments Program. Now, the school has launched a new FinTech center, the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance.

Its namesake is Ross Stevens, an undergraduate alum of Wharton, who is supporting…

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