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We know that hiring an MBA admissions consulting firm to help you get admitted to your dream b-schools is no easy task. You might have questions about our process, a specific service, payment terms or something else.

To make the process easier for you, we've organized some of the most frequent questions we're frequently asked by clients just like you. Just click on the service you're interested in, and you'll find a list of questions and answers that might help you.

How Do I Know If I'm A Good Fit For Your Services?

We have found that the types of clients who enjoy working with us are highly motivated applicants who aspire for top schools and are willing to work hard and do the necessary self-reflection that our process requires. If you are ambitious and are targeting competitive programs, then you are in the right place since the majority of our clients are focused on the most selective MBA programs in the world.

What Is Your Success Track Record?

While we can never guarantee admission, we have been fortunate to maintain very high success rates with our clients using our comprehensive services. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve admission to their top schools and we will not spare any effort to help our clients make that dream a reality.

What Is The Availability Of My Consultant?

EXPARTUS MBA admissions consultants are committed to the success of each of their client.

We are very picky when it comes to choosing consultants and we only select those who are passionate about this work. Our consultants are dedicated to their clients' success and do everything in their power to help each of their clients achieve success. You should expect to hear from your consultant within 24 hours of contacting them. Feedback on your application materials will be provided within two days.

What If I Want An Advisor That I Can Meet With Face To Face?

We try our best to match you with an advisor in the same city if that is very important to you but we cannot guarantee this since our clients are from all over the world.

Who Will Be My MBA Consultant And How Will We Get Matched?

We have a small team of carefully selected admissions advisors who are well-versed on our unique and results-driven approach of personal branding.

Our head of admissions consultant matches you with your MBA consultant.

If you are not happy with the advisor you were matched with, you will need to let us know immediately so we can switch you to a different advisor.

How Are Sessions Conducted?

Sessions are designed to fit your schedule and are conducted via phone, Skype as well as through extensive email correspondence. Where possible we also try to facilitate face to face kick-off meetings when distance permits.

What Payment Methods Are Available And Can I Split My Payment Into Two?

Payments can be made via credit cards as well as PayPal. If you have additional payment questions you can contact us by emailing us at

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Application?

The pace at which each client works varies. While some applicants can complete one application in a four-week period, it could take someone else longer. We have designed our services to allow clients the flexibility to accommodate them where they are.

Can I sign up for a Personal Brand Audit Service and Upgrade to a one school Package?

Absolutely! Many of our clients opt to do the Brand Audit Service and after completing that they have the option to upgrade to the comprehensive school package.

What Is The Process To Become An EXPARTUS Client?

We encourage you to review our detailed services information to select the services that is best suited for you. You can then sign up directly for the services you want. If you have additional questions and need to speak with an EXPARTUS admissions consultant contact us at

When Should I Sign Up For EXPARTUS Services?

We take on only a limited number of clients each admissions cycle, and clients are accepted on a first come basis, so you should reserve your spot as soon as possible to ensure that we're able to work with you.

Do You Work With Clients From Countries Outside The US?

We work with clients across the globe and at the last count, our clients have come from over 100 countries.

Here are some of the countries where our clients have come from: Germany, India, UK, France, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Brazil, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Costa Rico, Ecuador, Peru, etc.

We conduct the services through Skype video calls and phone/email so there are no geographic limitations.

How Do I Know Which Of Your Services Is Ideal For Me?

You have three service options to choose from. You can sign up for our Personal Brand Audit stand-alone service, our comprehensive full collaboration service, or our hourly service. Visit our Services page to learn more about each of the services that we offer.

Which MBA Programs Do You Work With The Most?

Our clients are primarily targeting most of the top MBA programs. The programs where we have helped clients gain admission to the most include but are not limited to: Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton, Columbia, Kellogg, Chicago, London Business School, INSEAD and much more.

Do You Work With EMBA Or Part Time MBA Clients?

We work with applicants applying to EMBA and part-time MBA programs. A few examples of programs where our students have applied to successfully are Wharton, London Business School, Stern, Columbia, Kellogg, etc.

What If I Want To Apply For More Than One School?

You can apply to one school and add additional schools later or you can sign up and select the number of schools you wish to apply to up front.

Can I Sign Up for a Personal Brand Audit Even if I'm Not Going to Apply This Year?

Yes. In fact, doing your Brand Audit ahead of applying will enable you to take advantage of the extra time before you apply to business school and you can use that time to address any gaps in your application and overall brand.

Can I Get A Refund?

We are committed to our clients' success and do everything in our power to give each client their best shot at success. Our commitment is always on the client and we dedicate our robust resources to providing the best service to our clients. As a boutique firm, we are focused on delivering quality to our services and never compromise on that. We accept a set number of clients and say no to others to maintain the quality of service that we are known for. Our service is nonrefundable and non-transferrable. We want clients to be sure they are ready to move forward with us and we do not pressure our clients to commit to our services.