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Multi-School Season Collab


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We’ll work with you to establish your personal brand and coach you through the entire application process for as many schools as you need.

What you’ll get:

  • Pre-work + 1 1/2-hour working session
  • Matched with a vetted, highly-trained branding specialist and coach
  • Deep dive into your personal history and core personal truths—this is how we uncover themes in your experiences and identify your personal brand
  • Assessment of your current application profile and all materials
  • Identification of your strongest brand themes and stories that will click with AdComs
  • Recommendations for your brand positioning to AdComs
  • Collaborate on updating your existing application components to align with your brand
  • Positioning your short term and long term goals within your resume.
  • Recommendation of top schools for you based on your personal brand
  • Collaborate on how to translate your brand positioning, core brand truths and stories to your entire application: We outline your essay in detail, determine exactly which stories to tell, edit/review each piece of your application, and advise on every single piece of your application from your professional resume, to answering application questions, to creating video essays. We give equal weight to every component and do not miss a thing
  • Collaborate on essay and application field development against drop dates
  • Provide mock interviews—practice is key. You will not only practice interviewing with your dedicated MBA Admissions Consultant, but with another member of the EXPARTUS team, as well. We prep you to ace your interview

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