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CAMPUS VISIT: To Visit or Not to Visit

CAMPUS VISITThere are just a few weeks remaining before classes end and MBA programs wrap up their class visit programs at most business schools.

Since the class visit programs are not usually available before the first deadlines, applicants who can fit them in now should try to do so in the next few weeks.

Some of you may be questioning whether campus visits are worth it. I know, cost is a major factor, especially for those of you who live abroad or in different states.

And one can’t forget the fact that you already have crazy work schedules and it’s near impossible to get away from work.

I get it and quite honestly, admissions people know this and can be lenient regarding campus visits, especially for those who live far away from their programs.

Now if you work in the same city and never take the time to attend a class or an information session, you clearly are opening yourself up to some scrutiny down the road.

I personally think that applicants should visit the MBA programs before applying, and certainly before enrolling to the program.

Would you buy a $50,000 car without testing it out, or for that matter, seeing it?

Why would you go on other people’s opinion (alumni recommendation, websites, etc) without visiting a school that would cost you over $140,000? I’m a bit risk adverse and want to know what I’m “buying”.

Five Reasons to Visit Your MBA Programs

– MBA Programs like it. It signals that you have done your homework and that you are serious about them.

– It can help you position why you are a fit for the particular program since you gain insight into the nuanced culture and what makes the program different from others.

– It can tip your admission to your favor in some unique circumstances such as getting off a waitlist.

– You can better assess whether the program is a fit for you.

– It’s a great chance to network with students and connect with future classmates.

If you can’t make a campus visit, the next best thing is to attend an open house event in your city.

These fill up quickly so make sure you are in the program’s database so you can be invited to open house events in the late summer and fall.

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