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Poets and Quants MBA Predictions for 2011

I read with great interest my friend John Byrne’s Poets and Quants projections for 2011 and found it quite interesting.

We will have to wait to see how much of a fortune teller the insightful mastermind of Poets and Quants is.

I agree with the assertions covered here especially regarding Yale SOM coming into its own, better job prospects for newly minted MBAs, and the improving reputation of international MBA programs.

As an American living in Europe and given what’s happening in Asia, I believe it would be a missed opportunity for MBA students to limit themselves to just the US programs.

Applicants have to look at where they want their careers to take them and if they have global aspirations then at the very least they should consider US programs that have exchange international programs or even consider some of the European or Asian schools.

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