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GMAT Prep To-Go

There are many things you can do with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod: listen to music, call your mother, check your email, tweet, play games, read books, and, thanks to a newly released app, study for the GMAT.

No longer does your studying have to be confined to a book or a desktop computer.

Launched May 25th, the official GMAT iPhone, iPad, and iPod app allows users to study, practice, and prepare for the test with more mobility than ever.

Here, we highlight some of the apps most helpful features.

GMAT to-go

The GMAT app allows you to maximize your free time and to be more flexible in your study habits.

Since many people already carry their iPhone, iPad, or iPod with them daily, your study tools will be available to you at all times, wherever you are.

If you are on the metro, at lunch, or away from home, having a more portable study device will help you to maximize the time that you have.

Keeping Score

Perhaps the most useful feature of this new app is its ability to track your test performance over time.

The GMAT app tracks your scores on practice tests and concentrates those numbers in a performance tracking center.

This center will give you an accurate and personalized assessment of your progress so that you can gauge your readiness for the test.

The app also keeps track of your guesses on practice exams. Since you can be penalized for leaving answers blank on the test, it is important to keep track of your guessing ability and practice making smart, educated guesses.

Practice makes perfect

The best way to prepare for the exam is to repeatedly challenge yourself with actual exam questions.

The GMAT app allows you to do that on-the-go and with a variety of official test questions and answer explanations.

The app also times each question so that you can practice the pacing and time management strategies that are essential to successfully completing the test.

The app also provides opportunities to download “question packs” of 250 additional practice questions.

The app and the 50 questions it comes with costs $4.99, with additional question packs selling for $9.99. With these features available, the app allows you to have access to hundreds of questions at a relatively low price.

Stay Connected

In typical Apple style, the GMAT app allows you to connect to multiple social media devices and compare your scores and progress with other users.

It also offers users a chance to register the app with to compare schools, explore financing options, and register for the GMAT, all from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, this new app could be a useful purchase as you prepare for the GMAT, and it certainly would not hurt to have another tool available to you as you face a test so crucial to your business aspirations.

For more information on the app’s release, click here.

To purchase and download the app, see this link.

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