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How Much Will I Earn? Forbes Announces Business School Rankings

If you’re considering your MBA, you’re likely thinking of it as one step forward in a longer-term goal of advancing your career and increasing your earnings.

With that assumption in hand, one of the criteria that you’ll consider as you weigh various programs is the amount by which your earnings will increase once you’ve completed your MBA program, as well as how long it will take you to break even on your MBA investment.

This is precisely the focus of the Forbes article, “The Best Business Schools,” released August 3rd.

Among the facts and figures presented in the business school rankings, the following jump out as changes to the prior MBA landscape:

– Harvard has replaced Stanford as the top school, based solely upon median salary gain post-MBA.

– Students attending Yale’s School of Management break even most quickly at 3.3 years.

– Pre-MBA salaries at Cornell Johnson School were the lowest among the top ten schools.

Of course, in reading through the article’s data, it’s also important to understand how the data was derived, as this may impact the importance that you place on the results.

Author John A. Byrne created an overview of this in his article “Forbes: HBS Nudges Aside Stanford” and discusses some of the positives and negatives of the Forbes’ approach to ranking schools.

The ability to increase your post-MBA earnings will be a significant consideration as you approach the application process.

But as an Admissions Consultant, I know the importance of evaluating programs based on a variety of data points, from school size and teaching method to location and alumni support.

Consider all variables and best of luck with your applications!

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